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x Paladin – Lawbringer PvP Build


I. Preface II. Build Play-style Overview III. Weapons IV. Armor V. Combos VI. Using the Build VII. FAQBuild: or you can see the build on Archebuild here:…10/HzbZ8721tvE*NEW* Just added a FAQ questions portion submitted by fellow forum users.I. PrefaceI’m Avallon, from…
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x All Gilda Star Quests


Blue Salt East: Each give 1x Gilda Star. – Available from Blue Salt Wanderer and Animal Trainer in Caernord (Ynystere), Lutesong Harbor (Vilanelle), or Austera (Solis). Raising a Malfunctioning Leomorph – Raise Leomorph. Raising a Wild Snowlion – Raise glorious Snowlion. A Rare…
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x Making Gold


Introduction Hello and welcome to making Gold in Archeage! This guide aims to educate you in all the basic ways you can make gold in Archeage. How is gold brought into the economy? There are 5 simple ways gold is…
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x The One Level 50 Guide


The One Level 50 Guide – The Ultimate Guide to Archeage Endgame Introduction: If you’re reading this you’ve probably just hit max level in Archeage! Congratulations! If you’re not level 50 then good on you for pre-reading. Archeage endgame is…
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x Sheet Sammlung

sheet All Designs Fish Locs Skill Calc Gems Timer XP/Level Trade Packs Mines Plants Tree Spreadsheet Farm Sizing Charts Animals Picture of a kitten…
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