x All Gliders Overview

As we know Glider is very important flying mount allow traveling by the air and perform sudden attacks in the ArcheAge online game, there are many terrain need gliders to move up or down, or flying over the river and other obstacles. What’s more, it is very useful and with high performance in PVP and large group PVP combat, no matter escape or attack the target. Gliders are equipped to your character’s back in the same slot a trade or resource pack would occupy, thus preventing you from gliding while also carrying a heavy load! Noteif you trade run, the trade pack will automatically remove your glider and equips to that slot, and once finish your trade, please equip gilder at once and avoid the crucial moment you do not gilder and killed by enemy.
Below are all Gliders in ArcheAge game. If you are a Archeum Founder, the Glass Phoenix is the founder reward. Of course, if you have enough archeage credits and 150 Gilda Star (Red Dragon, Moon Shadow, Thunderbolt, Ezi’s), can directly to buy in Cash Shop (Corrupted Wing) or Mirage Island fast, there will have more 2 abilities to fly, very cool.
ArcheAge Guide: All Gliders You Need Know
Glider Abilities
Nitro, Forces the glider to gain altitude.
Barrage, Fire explosive arrows a few meters ahead.
Air Raid, Drops several explosives below the glider.
Smokescreen, Produces a cloud of smoke behind the glider (Norwood).
Dive Bomb , Descend rapidly, crashing into the target (Red Dragon Glider), the flight and initial speed very high.
Stealth , the glider becomes invisible (Moon Shadow Glider).
Bomb , Drops a large explosive barrel beneath the glider (Thunderbolt Glider).
Invincible , Become invulnerable to damage for 7 seconds (Ezi’s, Green Scale).
Somersault , Do an aileron roll (Corrupted Wing, Glass Phoenix)
Teleport , Allows your glider to teleport forward (Red Goblin).
Upgrading Ultimate Glider steps if you have a Experimental or Founder’s Experimental glider.
1. Find the NPC Auctioneer in the ArcheAge map, next to the Portal.
2. Enter the Portal to Mirage Isle.
3. Find the Glider Designs place and will find 4 gliders are shown in here.
4. Face to them and press F to buy the glider designs.
Glider Designs:
Experimental Glider Design (5 Silver)
Improved Glider Design (Min. level 10) (25 Silver)
Enhanced Glider Design (Min. level 15) (50 Silver)
Ultimate Glider Design (Min. level 20) (1 Gold)
You can start to upgrade Glider about LV10, upgrade the Enhanced Glider in LV15, upgrade the Ultimate Glider until LV20. Recommended all players must ready the high performance glider before you entering the LV30 neutral zone, it is very help you leveling and escape in combat.

Due to the players can get a quest “Experimental Glider” about LV12, do not re-head production unless you lost it accidentally. So you just buy the Improved Glider design to Ultimate Glider Design and upgrade your glider directly.
ArcheAge EXperimental Glider
If you lost the “Experimental Glider”, please re-product it and need the following materials and will cost you about 2 – 3 gold.
Experimental Glider Design
5 Lumber
3 Leather
3 Fabric
2 Iron Ingot

5. Find the Carpentry Workbench to product and upgrade your glider in big faction or city you can find.
6. Choose the “Machining” in Carpentry Workbench, and find the Glider. Each upgrade cost your 25 Labor Points, so you need 75 Labor Points to upgrade the Ultimate Glider, the material is your glider + design. And if you want to upgrade the Moonshadow Glider, Ezi’s Glider, Red Dragon Glider and Thunderbolt Glider need you have LV100 proficiency of Machining and other different materials.
ArcheAge Guide: All Gliders You Need Know