x Fellowship Plaza

fellowship plaza


The Fellowship Plaza is something that was added to the game fairly close to release so I don’t think there was actually one in the alpha or beta servers. Now that ArcheAge is live you may start to see it pop up in some areas but at a cost of 500 Gilda Stars they will still be quite rare.
A Fellowship Plaza is a plaza that contains a range of useful amenities and is made public for all residents of the zone to use. They can only be placed in a Housing Province and you are required to pay tax for them, just like any other property, however unlike other property the tax cost of a Fellowship Plaza does not increase with the amount of property you own and it is not affected by the local tax rate of the zone you place it in. It has a flat cost of 50 tax certificates to place and 25 tax certificates each week thereafter.
Short answer is quite a lot!  To build a Fellowship Plaza you need the following materials:
  • 30 Stone Pack
  • 10 Iron Pack
  • 10 Lumber Pack
The lumber and iron can be purchased from the auction house for the most part but 30 stone packs is a massive amount of raw stone. You may be able to buy some of it but to gather that much stone will require a serious gold investment or a lot of time spent hunting for Iron/Fortuna veins.
The following amenities are found on the Fellowship Plaza.
  • Auctionhouse / Warehouse
This quite a unique and handy thing. Access to your bank and auctionhouse at one location! When you approach this you can press F to access the auctioneer or G to access your warehouse.
  • General Vendor
A standard vendor machine that sells items that are typically sold by general merchants such as Evenstone,Quality Certificate, Blue Salt Knife and even the Farm Cart Design!
  • Fellowship Workbench
This is probably the biggest reason you would want to invest 500 of your valuable Gilda Stars into a Fellowship Plaza – your own specialty workbench! The specialty workbench will allow you to craft new trade packs that are otherwise not available. The zone you place it in will determine what trade pack you can craft. For example, if you place it in Cinderstone Moor then you can craft Cinderstone Medicinal Powder or if you place it in Villanelle you can craft Villanelle Long Noodles. One benefit of these trade packs is that there are very few people crafting them so the price you will get from selling your trade pack is more likely to be at 130%
Now you may read the above and think how the packs be rarer when the Fellowship Plaza is open to the public to use? Well to be more specific, the specialty workbench on the Fellowship Plaza can only be used by residents of the zone it is placed in, which means anyone who owns property in that zone. If you have your workbench in Cinderstone or Villanelle then only players that own property in those zones can use them.
An important thing to note is that if you place the Fellowship Plaza in a zone that has no specialty trade packs then the specialty workbench will be replaced by Regal Cooking Tools which I can’t help but think is a waste of a plaza.
  • Mailbox
Standard mailbox to send/receive your mail. Particularly helpful with an auctioneer nearby!
  • Water Well
plaza well
Standard well for gathering water. Useful if your farm is near the Fellowship Plaza but not close to a source ofwater.
  • Fireplace
A fireplace that, once lit, can be used to record a teleport point using a Memory Ink. This will be added to the Recorded Sites section of your Teleport Scrolls so you will always have instant access to your Fellowship Plaza.