Seed Bundles are a great asset to any farmer in ArcheAge. They save you a great deal of time with planting and harvesting crops and also have the benefit of yielding bait worms, a key item for fishing. Before going in to detail on how to acquire seed bundles, first we need to define what they are.
When you craft seed bundles you are combining 10 of the same type of seeds together in to a bundle. These bundles can be planted like regular seeds, however they take up considerably more space but at the same time yield considerably more when harvested. They are great for saving time and your patience because you can just plant seed bundles instead of having to plant hundreds of individual seeds each time.
There are two different categories of seed bundles which are farming and gathering. Every bundle has a requires a specific level of skill in farming and gathering to craft, starting from 15,000 skill. Here are the seed that fall under each type of category.
Farming Skill Req Gathering Skill Req
Potato 15 000 Mushroom 15 000
Barley 15 000 Thistle 15 000
Rice 15 000 Clover 15 000
Corn 15 000 Azalea 15 000
Cucumber 15 000 Narcissus 15 000
Carrot 15 000 Rose 15 000
Onion 15 000 Iris 15 000
Tomato 30 000 Lavender 15 000
Wheat 30 000 Aloe 30 000
Oat 30 000 Cotton 30 000
Rye 30 000 Lily 30 000
Peanut 30 000 Lotus 30 000
Garlic 30 000 Cornflower 30 000
Strawberry 30 000 Mint 30 000
Pumpkin 30 000 Rosemary 30 000
Yam 30 000 Turmeric 45 000
Chili Pepper 45 000 Cultivated Ginseng 45 000
Bean 45 000 Cactus 45 000
Quinoa 45 000 Sunflower 45 000
Poppy 60 000
Safron 60 000
When crafting seed bundles you also need an item called Shatigon’s Blessing. These can be purchased from a Vocation Vendor for Vocation Badges. Vocation Vendors are located in Windshade on Nuia and near Anvilton, Tigerspine Mountains in Haranya. They can also be purchased from a Farmer’s Workstation if you own one. They cost 20 Vocation Badges each and the higher skill bundles require more Shatigon’s Blessing per craft. You can earn Vocation Badges through crafting, farming, gathering, logging, husbandry, mining or fishing.
As with regular seeds the growth time will vary from bundle to bundle but one bundle takes substantially more time to grow than one individual seed because it is basically growing 10 seeds under the same timer.