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This guide is not finished, if you know somithing important that is not here plis comment it :)

First of all, I am a Spanish person, and therefore I hope you forgive my grammatical faults.

I am a person who has played many MMORPGs and I have spent much time on them.

To perform this composition, I have spent considerable time thinking about combos and functionalities.
I think it’s one of the best magicians for PvE, however, I may have wrong. 

Whether you agree or not, I’d like to get your opinion.

I wish that you will value my work

This character has been designed to work alone or with tanks and supports peers. Also, it never hurts another magician.
In addition, this character also works well against a target and against many targets.


Why to choose this combination?

This combination gives you maximum versatility in combat. You fight opponents on your own, but also you can make a good teamwork.

Furthermore, you’ll be tanking relatively well, while you make a powerful damage and have good control in area

Of course there are other combinations that offer this, but personally, I prefer wizards

It is important to add that is meant for PvE and therefore it is given very well, but is not particularly good at PvP



When you need to get away from your oponent use one of your Teleports


Magic Circle

Health Lift


Freezing Arrow



Freezing Earth

Frigid Tracks

Freezing Arrow

Crippling Mire (1 second or 2)

Absorb Lifeforce (the others 2 or 3 seconds)


Hell Spear

Summon Crows
(If the oponents are very close, use:


Freezing Arrow

Flame Barrier
If you need some extra damage use now

Meteor Strike and then

Gods’ Whip and the other spells.
Use your

Leech if you need to sleep one target and use your

StillnessStillness when you need to removes all fearseffects or you need to silence some casters

Short Combo

Magic Circle


Freezing Arrow



Freezing Earth

Frigid Tracks

Crippling Mire (here all the time)
You can use instead of

Crippling Mire,

Absorb Lifeforce

If you tried to do that and it is not enought, you could continue with the second part of the Full Combo


Extra Details

Some spells like 

Meditate are good to take a bit between fights. Also, if you are in a place with easy enemies and difficult enemies, you could atack one with

Absorb Lifeforce to restore your life and then use your

Meditate to restore your mana.

Also, I choose those pasives becouse

Mana Pool Increase allows to use more spells and

Aranzeb’s Infusion, becouse the damage have focused on this branch, Sorcery.
In addition, we need more mana, and becouse of that I choose

Enhanced Mana Recovery. And ofcourse

Macabre Reach.

Absorb Damage give us some resistance.



I am TheCorPlay, I have a YouTube channel where probably I am going to start recording the game when I get an official and stable version, but as I said at first, I am from Spain and of course my channel is in spanish, so, if you want to see it you could click Here

Finally, thank you very much to everyone interested in my post, I hope you like it.

I’d be very grateful if you comment what you think of. That may change my character. So together, we could create the best magician.