x Stone Arrow Guide


Honestly, Primeval and Tricksters are all fun and good in large pvp groups where you’re not gonna be focussed. 
But sadly, in reality they know you’re squishy as fuck and they will nuke you down in a matter of seconds. 
However Stone Arrows are far different from this.

What do you give up?
You’re gonna lose your insane melee shadowsmite. No more dual wield. No more 2h axe.
You’re gonna be walking around with a 1h Sword + Shield for more survivability.
You’re gonna miss out on some CC’s, and teleports.

Where Tricksters & Primevals work very good against mages. They’re quite shitty against anything that manages to get in melee range to fuck you up.
See Stone Arrow as the all-rounder that does insane damage. Works well against mages. And works insanely good against melee.

What am I gonna gain?
A great, high damage, stunning and locking down melee combo.
A huge increase in your HP
A huge increase in your block rate
A huge increase in your physical defense

Stone Arrows are often misunderstood. You. Do. NOT. Lose your burst! 
If you master this build. And play well. You will win every 1v1. 
From Defilers, to Paladins, to Darkunners.. All are no match for a good Stone Arrow!




Double Recurve






Concussive Arrow

Ranged Combo

Stalker’s Mark

Toxic Shot

Charged Bolt

Piercing Shot

Endless Arrows

Stun 1

Stalker’s Mark


Drop Back

Stun 2

Shield Slam

Bull Rush

Boastful Roar

Drop Back

Melee Full DPS

Stalker’s Mark


Shield Slam

Bull Rush

Boastful Roar

Drop Back


As A Stone Arrow, there are multiple ways to open a fight.
Traditionally you pop

Freerunner and

Intensity, follow it up with

Concussive Arrow shackling the enemy.

After this you proceed with Ranged Combo while you are straving sideways. (NEVER GO BACKWARDS. IT’S SLOW). 
If an enemy comes too close, and there’s no way to get out of his distance (Ex. Primeval/Darkrunner Drop Backs & Teleports in) you pop

Redoubt and either go for Stun 1, Stun 2, Or full melee rotation.

After pulling this off you

Drop Back, pop

Freerunner and

Intensity if they happen to be off CD and repeat ranged combo.

This is only a traditional way to play a fight. Please know that during PvP you play against people. People are (generally) not stupid. 
Using the same rotation over and over again does not work. Mix it up. Give it your own spice. 

People assume you’re an archer, so do the unexpected, pop


Drop Back in, do a full melee combo,

Freerunner make enough distance,

Concussive Arrow and follow up with a ranged combo.

A good build is a great basis. Adapting to situations and not be doing the expected is what makes you a good player.
PS. Please don’t start battles with stealth. Enemy detects you first = game over. It’s a bad opener, and it’s hella annoying.


Ranged Combo
1-2-3-4-5 – Mouse Button 5 (Side of mouse)

Melee Combo

Stealth + In-Fight Buffs
Shift Q – Shift W – Shift E

Middle Mouse Button

Long Time Buffs



Aim for a full Typhoon set. Our huge burst comes from out crits.
We have a passive increasing our crit damage by 20%. 
We have Intensity increasing our crit rate to about 35%. Our crits HURT. Tyhpoon adds even more to this

Get a crafted set up to magnificent
Till Conqueror = 100% typhoon. Then you get to Illustrious which has a chance to get 4 different rolls.;
Desert, Lightning, Squall, Typhoon. ONLY TYPHOON IS UPGRADEABLE
You can salve illustrious for upgrade pieces. You can make 3 pieces into one typhoon for a 100% chance on typhoon. 
So just calculate that you will need 9x Conqueror for 1x Magnificent.

Typhoon also gives strength and stamina. Giving you a big melee burst and a big health boost.
Ex of a bad roll illustrious typhoon. (Unique Magni has like double!!)

Why magnificent and not further?
Well, be my guest. If you’re suicidal.
Making full magnificent will already set you back like 500g per piece. 
Upgrading to the next step will give you even more possible sets. And doubling the required materials. 
That’d be insane. Just go for magnificent and reforge that untill unique. Or further, if again, you’re suicidal and want to break your gear.

I’d personally aim for full unique magnificent squall for the insane agi.

Grind Hasla man! The gear is beast! Smack some tempering brushes on them to make them more awesome. 
Go to south hasla. Kill mobs in a raid/party and farm 150 tokens you need.
When Tier 2 & Tier 3 of these are unlocked.. Go grind more!

Grind Honor points and don’t buy any of those worthless 45 day weapons. Grind for the title, upgrade the title whenever you can. 
This adds up to +25 of all stats eventually.

Do Halcyona war whenever it’s up. You get 4 tokens a war. 
1 by talking to your factions leader at your base.
3 by killing the enemies artifect and ‘looting’ it.
This is an upgradable necklace that greatly reduces damage taken.

Google – Archeage Jury Duty
Quee up for jury. Sit in the jury 5 times. You get a cloak that gives +7 to all stats.



Stealth for


No more stealth. But a huge movement speed boost (Run away / Close Gap) and an agility boost.

Shield of Steel for


I personally run this. The defense is really great to get an extra 6-7% damage taken away.
But I just rather have a larger burst button, easier escape / gap closer on my hand.
Free Runner -> Intensity -> Ranged Combo = Wha..*dead*

Shield of Steel for


Adding this to your melee combo can really spike that melee burst. I wouldn’t reccomend it.
But people will get suprised if you suddenly leap up on ‘em when they expect you to be fully ranged.

Stealth or

Shield of Steel for


If you don’t think either are that usefull and you really want an extra slow.

Stealth &

Shield of Steel for

Float &


Can be fun in 1v1 Arena’s. Imprison makes sure the enemy doesn’t get out of range.
Float rises you up 7m so any skill with a shorter reach than that won’t be able to hit you. Is a nice way of saying ‘fuck you’ to some melee classes.