x Cleric/Bard Buffer/Healer



Hello, i would like to share with you one of the best ways to play a healer in Archeage! This build is more focused in PVE, but with one or two changes it will be awesome in PVP too. 

This Guide includes the modifications from previous versions (Lvl. 55) and will have changes whenever is necessary.


- One of the best Healers in the game
- Tons of utility and buffs
- 6 different spells to heal
- Versatile and fun

- Hard to level
- You’ll be focused in PVP
- Requires a good set to reach full potential
- Requires a Group to heal



Cloth armor has what we need to do a decent amount of heal and to protect ourselves. You can use:

-4 Piece Cloth Set Bonus: -4% Cast Time / 50% reduction in cast time increase when hit while casting and chance of interruption

-7 Piece Cloth Set Bonus: -4% Cast Time / 50% reduction in cast time increase when hit while casting and chance of interruption / +5% Magic Damage / -30% Debuff Uptime

Also use a Two-handed Staff or a Club/GreatClub to increase your heal potential. Two Handers: Increase Melee/Magic skill damage and heal amount +5%.

Use spirit as your main atributte



Some skills will be in the next chapter.


Antithesis – One of the best heals in low levels, but need resurgence to heal more. With conversion shield you have this skill without cast time. Inspire is a good way to have some cooldown reduction on this skill. You can use this skill for damage if you know that you’ll not need the heal, then its better to use after charm.

Mirror Light – Keep the buff on the people you’re healing. Use the debuff and snare on your enemies after that. In PVP this skill is awesome.

Resurgence – Use to keep resurgence on and heal more with your other skills.

Revive – Dont use this skill because dont work in combat.

Skewer – You’re not a dps.

Mend – Nice AOE heal, but whoa thats a lot of mana, so use wisely and use the inspire buff.

Infuse – Trust me, you’ll need more mana than they do.

Aranzeb’s Boon – Nice buff on your spirit. But you can change this skill if you fell you want more mana. So change with

Painful Recharge or


Renewal – So much mana for only 15% chance.

Fervent Healing – Your main healing skill, you can use consecutively for 25% more heal, but look at your mana because consume significantily more mana. Just a awesome skill.

Twilight – Waste of points here because is canceled by movement.

Whirlwind’s Blessing – 1000 mana its just….too much.

Painful Recharge – Nice passive to recover your mana, but in my opinion 

Meditate its better.

Quick Recovery – Waist of points here, if you focus vitalism tree this can be a good passive, but its not the case.

Spirit Growth – Awesome passive, just get it.

Alms – Only one passive with Decrease cast time of the skills is enough. That one is better then 


Invigorated Healing – Waaaaay more heal, help a lot in critical situations.


I’ll not speak in this tree of every skill because its your “utility” tree, you’ll spend just a few points here, so i’ll say what points you must choose and why.

Thwart – Gives you inspire to reduce the cooldown of your heals in the vitalism tree.

Conversion Shield – Gives you the option to instante cast 


Teleportation – You’ll be focused in PVP, also heal generates too much aggro so this is your chance of getting alive.


Critical Discord – Your damage skill early on, and also aplies a huuuge fear if the enemy had charm.

Startling Strain – Stun and charm your oponnent. Must have.

[Perform] Quickstep – Nice skill, you can play the performs and move at the same time. (If you’re in your horse you can use this and he’ll go like a bullet)

Healing Hymn – That skill is great when you’re in a group.

Hummingbird Ditty – You have already one passive that reduce cast time in all skills.

[Perform] Ode to Recovery – Great skill to use with other Perform. High mana costs, you’ll have to play for a period of time to be worth it.

Rhythmic Renewal – High mana costs and you can’t control the heal.

[Perform] Bulwark Ballad – Another great perform!

[Perform] Bloody Chantey – That’s the buff of attack speed we’re looking for.

Alarm Call – Nice skill to release a AOE stun or sleep, in pvp its a good skill but it’s just too much cooldown to put points here.

[Perform] Grief’s Cadence – Nice with Shadowplay, but as a healer we have other important skills to worry about.

Syncopation – Decreasing the chance of interruption is huge, get it.

Hold the Note – Some performs need a good time playing to be worth the mana.

Uptempo – You already have 


Disciplined Performance – Not worth the point.

Loudspeaker – Amazing, from 10m to 25m! MUST HAVE if you catch more than 2 performs.

Zeal – Awesome proc, just everything you want in one passive.


In a future patch the level cap will raise to 55, then add this skills. I really tried to put some of those in the main build but i couldn’t find a way, just so few points and a lot of amazing skills :(

Add this skills:

Defiance – Just a awesome aura.

Dissonant – Nice Debuff, use in low levels to help you level up.

Allegretto – Amazing for PVP and also PVE

Meditate – If you have mana issues, then your problem is solved.

Leech – Nice sleep in PVP and you have a free buff :D


To use your combos you’ll have to use the stacks of Resurgence/ Inspire and Charm

Resurgence: Increase healing effectivness.
Activated by:


Inspire: Reduces cooldown and increases damage.
Activated by:

Thwart and 


Charm: Different Effects
Activated by: 

Startling Strain

Some combos:

1- Nice single target heal: 

Mirror Light


2- Nice single target heal faster:

Mirror Light


Conversion Shield

3- Nice AOE heal:

Mirror Light


Mend or 

Healing Hymn

[Perform] Ode to Recovery

[Perform] Bloody Chantey

[Perform] Bulwark Ballad

[Perform] Quickstep can stack use. You can use ONLY 

Startling Strain without interrupt the perform. You can with 

Startling Strain aply a lot of debuffs.

You’ll have to make choices in battle if you want some cooldown reduction or more healing capacity. Take care of your mana. Use the combos only to heal or to do the effects of charm. Dont use for damage because it will be a waste of mana.