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Farming in ArcheAge

This is a short guide for farming in the game of NA/EU ArcheAge. Information has been taken from the official NA/EU ArcheAge site and my knowledge of farming. All images are mine unless stated otherwise.
Ocean home screenshot is from the official NA/EU ArcheAge website.

Pillars of Farming

There are four pillars of Agriculture/Farming.
  1. animalhusbandry Husbandry = Taking care of your livestock.
  2. agriculture Farming = Taking care of your crops.
  3. logging Logging = This is somewhat included in farming because players need lumber/wood to create farming items.  Also, some of the crops are trees.
  4. botany Gathering = Installation and removal of plants.


A farm is a plot of land protected by a Scarecrow that players can plant crops or livestock on. Players can also place items such as trade packs within the protected area. There are multiple types of farms including free farms without scarecrows.
Players can plant crops and livestock OUTSIDE of housing land BUT THEY WILL NOT BE PROTECTED! This means that players won’t have a Scarecrow to protect the crops/livestock and any other play can steal them.

Public Farms

Public Farms are free farming areas for any player! When a player grows a crop and/or livestock, it is protected for around a day. After that time, anyone can come and take it. You can have a maximum of 10 crops/livestock inside the Public Farm at one time. It is recommended not to grow anything inside the Public Farm that takes longer to grow than the Protection Time. There are usually seed and livestock merchants close to Public Farms.
publicfarmicon = This is the symbol for a Public Farm on the map.
aRCHEAGE 2014-04-24 12-05-18-56
This blue guy is the Caretaker!
This is a bulletin board. It will tell you what you can grow inside the Public Farm, the Protection Time, and the maximum number that is allowed.


Scarecrows can be used by players with a subscription/Patron Pass to protect their farm within its protected region. The player “plants” the Scarecrow in their desired spot then uses
A player can have only two Scarecrows per character.
To be able to place your Scarecrow you will need a Patron Pass. A player can receive a Patron Pass through a subscription. It is possible for a player to receive a Patron Pass using only in-game currency. A version of Patron Passes will be available as a cash shop items, these items can be sold for in-game money through the Auction House.⇐

Small Scarecrow

Size: 8×8 meters | Taxes: 1 Gold per week
You will receive a small scarecrow through a quest from the Blue Salt Brotherhood early in the game.

Large Scarecrow

Size: 16×16 meters | Taxes: 3 Gold per week.
You will receive a large scarecrow through a quest from the Blue Salt Brotherhood early in the game. You have to deliver a trade pack to the opposite continent to receive the Large Scarecrow Design. This quest is after the Donkey quest.


Every Scarecrow, Aquafarm, and House has taxes. Taxes are once a week and will vary depending on how many houses/farms you have and also the taxes of the land. If you do not pay taxes, you have a two-week grace period to pay it. If you do not pay your Scarecrow will be destroyed.

Where can I place my Scarecrow?

If a player has a Patron Pass, then they can place their Scarecrow in three designated areas.
anyhome = These plots are zoned for any type of house or field.
aquafarm = These plots are for Aquafarms only.
field = These plots are zoned only for Scarecrow Farms. (Only one of your characters on the same server can build here.)
smallfield = Temporary Scarecrow Garden Area: One garden per server. Gardens demolished in 7 days.


Aquafarms are underwater farms. Only certain plants can be planted on an Aquafarm.
Size: 16×16 meters | Taxes: 3 Gold per week. | Price: 14 Gilda Stars
Aquafarms use a breathing apparatus instead of Scarecrows. Since players lose oxygen while they are under the water, the central air supply allows players to refill their “breath” so they can farm under the water longer.
Size: 24×24 meters | Taxes: 10 Gold per week. | Price: 500 Nui Tears
This is an ocean home/home on stilts. At the base of the home under the water, you can have an Aquafarm without the central air supply. Your aquafarm will be protected because it is inside the boundaries of the home.

Farming in the “Wild”

On this website, anything outside of a Scarecrow farm, a Public Farm, an Aquafarm, and protected areas around homes will be considered the “wild”. Since this is a sandbox mmo, players are able to grow anything anywhere! You can grow anything in any spot but that means they won’t be protected! Before growing in the wild you need to consider a few things. Your crops and livestock are completely exposed!!! If you are going to farm in the wild, look for a secluded and hidden spot. Just because you plant your crops in the mountains out in the open does not mean someone won’t find it!
Mountains tend to be wide open areas with sparse trees and bushes. So what should you do? Most of the plants and livestock are smaller than NPC trees and bushes. If NPC trees and bushes are on a slope then usually their leaves are covering an area of ground. You will want to plant your crops/livestock inside that covering! You can also plant in mountain crevices but it will have a higher chance at being discovered by exploring players.
When farming in the wild, there is ALWAYS a risk of someone taking your thing!! If someone happens to come along and take everything or something, they will leave footprints behind. You can then click on the footprints and report that person. Your report will be added to their criminal record and they may eventually go to court, then inevitably jail.
The fuchsia area indicates where the tree/bush leaves touch the ground. This would be a good area to hide crops and livestock.
My calf is hiding within the leaves and is almost undetectable! Be cautious though because even though my cow was well hidden, I came back to find it gone!


When you place your home it will have an area of land around it. This area of land is protected just like a Scarecrow and you can place anything there such as plants, animals, and trade packs! It isn’t as much room as a Scarecrow Farm but it is still nice to have that extra room!

 Other Symbols on the Map

Here are some other housing symbols you will see on the map.
oceanhome = Only Marine Homes can be placed here.
largehomes = These plots are zoned only for medium and large-sized houses and manors.
field = These plots are zoned only for Thatched Farmhouses.