x Raising Livestock


Taking Care of Livestock

In this guide, I will cover the basics of taking care of your livestock in ArcheAge. Raising livestock is very simple. As long as you make sure to take care of your livestock then you will be fine!

Where do I buy livestock?

You can buy animals from the livestock merchant. They are usually always by seed and seedling merchants.

 There are 6 Stages of an animals life.

Stage 1: Baby – You place the baby/cub on your farm/home and then you have to feed it for it to continue to grow.
Stage 2: Young Animal – The baby livestock will have a growth period after you feed it. After that time is up, they will be a full grown animal.
Stage 3: Produce – In this stage you feed your animal again and then you can collect produce from your animal and/or slaughter them. You can also slaughter your animal before feeding it but it will give you less meat/pelts.
Stage 4: Recovery – If you have collected produce from your animal such as wool or milk then they go into a recovery stage. At the end of this stage, they will have more produce for you.
Stage 5: Sickness – If you do not care for your animal, eventually it will grow ill. If you have a diseased animal, you can craft Livestock Supplement using a Farmer’s Workbench (See Farming Tools).
Stage 6: Death – After an amount of time with a lack of care, your animal will die and cannot be recovered.


All zones/areas in ArcheAge have a climate. You can see the climate in the bottom-right hand corner of the map. All animals have a preferred climate to grow in (in the description of the baby animal item). Raising your animal in its preferred climate will make your animal produce more. Some zones even have two climates!
dryclimate = Arid Climate
temperateclimate = Temperate Climate
tropicalclimate = Tropical Climate
subarcticclimate = Subarctic Climate

 Placing an Animal

You place animals just like how you would place plants. Animals can be placed on a farm, on house land, on specific public farms, and out in the wild. Livestock are in more danger growing in the wild than plants are.PlacingAnimalTo place an animal, first right click on the “baby” from your inventory. Then, left click to lock it on the ground. You can rotate your animal by using the scroll on the mouse. Left click again to place it. Easy!

 Feeding Your Animal

After placing your animal it is very important to feed them! If you do not feed your animal then it will die! Most large animals eat combined feed whereas smaller animals eat a variety of food such as beans or barley. Make sure to check out the livestock chart to see what food your animal eats! ALWAYS GROW THE FOOD BEFORE PLACING YOUR ANIMAL! Some of the plants take a long time to grow. If you place your livestock before having the food ready and the plant so happens to take 14 hours or so to grow then your livestock will most likely die.


- Grow food before placing your animal! (See paragraph above for reasoning)
- Do not leave your animal unattended for about more than two days! They will most likely become diseased from neglect! So, if you are going to be away from AA for a lengthy amount of time, make sure to either have someone take care of them for you or slaughter all of them before you leave.
- Do not get ahead of yourself! Don’t buy large animals that need to eat Combined Feed if you are just starting out with your farm! Combined Feed is made using a Farmer’s Workbench which is made using a Small Scarecrow. If you do not have a Farmer’s Workbench you will have to either have someone make the feed for you or buy it off the Auction House. Buying the feed off of the Auction House can become expensive if you keep your large animal for a long amount of time. Be sure to not overspend!