x Planting Guide


Information on Planting in ArcheAge

This guide will provide a simple guide on planting. Information in this guide is from Fido from ArcheAge Source and from my own knowledge.

Stages of Plant Growth

There are 5 Stages of a plants life.
Stage 1: Seed – You plant the seed and then you can water the seed.
Stage 2: Young Plant – The plant will start to bloom and grow slightly in size. You cannot water the plant in this stage. Trees will often repeat this stage.
Stage 3: Time to Harvest – In this stage you can harvest your plant/crop. The amount of Labor Points it takes to harvest differs on each plant.
Stage 4: Withering – If you do not care for your crop and you leave it in the ground, then it will start to wither. To save your plant, you can buy fertilizer from the Seed merchant (50 copper). The fertilizer will bring your plant back to life and allow it to produce again.
Stage 5: Plant Death – After an amount of time your plant/crop will die.

Where to Buy Seeds

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seedmerchantmapicons = Symbols for the map. You can buy seed merchants around housing locations and in most towns. Seeds are for crops and Seedlings are for trees.


Most zones/areas in ArcheAge have a climate. You can see the climate in the bottom-right hand corner of the map. Most crops have a preferred climate to grow in (in the seed description). Planting your crop in the preferred climate will allow it to produce more. Some zones even have two climates!
dryclimate = Arid Climate
temperateclimate = Temperate Climate
tropicalclimate = Tropical Climate
subarcticclimate = Subarctic Climate

 Placing your Plant

To place a plant, first right click on the seed from your inventory. Then, left click to lock it to place it on the ground. Easy!

 Seed Bundles

Seed Bundles are a group of seeds that creates a larger bush-like version of the crop. To create a Seed Bundle you will need a Farmer’s Workbench or have a trust worthy friend with a Farmer’s Workbench and 10 seeds of the same plant. (To learn about a Farmer’s Workbench go to the Farming Tools page)
  • 1 Seed Bundle = 10 plants
  • Produces more than individual seeds.
  • Can produce earthworms which is used for bait when fishing.
  • Give a large amount of EXP when harvesting, about as much as a quest.
  • Uses a large amount of Labor Points
  • Longer growth time (About 4 times more than individual seeds)
  • Lower chance at getting a rare plant.
You can have a maximum of 4 Seed Bundles on a small Scarecrow and 16 Seed Bundles on a large Scarecrow. If you want to harvest rare plants it is better to plant individual seeds instead of making a Seed Bundle. The recipe for a Seed Bundle can be found in your Folio under Farming>Farming Seed Bundles. 

 Other Important Tips 

  • DO NOT water a plant if it only takes 2 hours or less to grow! Watering it will only take off a few minutes and it is a waste of Labor Points. If you have an abundant amount of Labor Points or if you are in a hurry then it is alright to water
  • DO NOT put fences on the edge of your Scarecrow!! Even though they go on the edge, they take up a few inches and it will mess up your plant organization!
  • To get water for your plants, you can get buckets of water from a well. There are always wells in housing areas so they are not difficult to find!
  • When placing your plants, get them as close as possible so you are able to fit more in your Scarecrow.