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Scapes (Trion Worlds’ community manager for ArcheAge) on BLAA:
Since it doesn’t negatively impact other players, it’s kosher.
Hello everyone! :)
Introduction (you can skip this):
So… I love ArcheAge and I’ve been playing the Alpha for about a month now and I honestly can’t stop playing.
But there was something that really bothered me. the window settings.
I like playing most games in full screen mode but I highly dislike the way DirectX works with disposing and creating new devices when switching windows (ALT+TABing and such, you know, this split of a second of a black screen and “freeze”, I want it to be smooth).
Without going into details of why this is happening, what most games do to solve this is adding an option that is commonly known as “borderless windowed mode”.
Well, ArcheAge doesn’t have that option and I was “forced” to play in a borded windowed mode since I started playing.
It isn’t that bad but I really wanted a proper borderless mode with a full 1920×1080, no borders and no taskbar. also, for some reason I moved the window quite often (by mistake) with the current windowed mode and it was annoying.
So.. I thought about coding, I’m not an expert programmer but I do have some knowledge in programming and I’ve decided to give it a shot. And it worked :)
Last update: August 23rd 04:55AM Pacific
(Thank you RocSek for the bug report.)
The changelog was moved to: http://wrttn.in/631e02
To begin, download the binary and extract it or download the source and build the project yourself.
Now make sure your ingame “Screen Mode” settings are set to “Windowed” and that the game is closed.
After you’ve done that, to make it work with the game simply copy and paste “version.dll” into your game folder.
The game folder is the bin32 folder, the default path is:
Glyph (NA/EU): C:Program FilesGlyphGamesArcheAgeAlphabin32 or C:Program Files (x86)GlyphGamesArcheAgeAlphabin32
Mail.Ru Launcher (RU): C:GamesMailRuArcheAgeBin32
* It may vary depends on what you’ve chosen during the game installation, but the root folder should always be “bin32″, this is where“archeage.exe” should be and this is where you should copy “version.dll” to.
After you’ve copied “version.dll” into the game folder the game should always launch with BLAA already attached to it. No further actions should be taken (since the June 16th update).
* To remove BLAA, simply delete “version.dll” from the game folder.
  1. Choose “Windowed” in the “Screen Mode” settings ingame.
  2. Close the game.
  3. Download BLAA.
  4. Extract and copy “version.dll” to your game folder (where “archeage.exe” is at).
  5. Run the game normally.
  1. Borderless windowed mode
  2. Window alignment
  3. Main monitor
  4. Invert mouse (new)
  5. Hide/Show game window
Please check out this Imgur gallery to find out more about BLAA’s features: http://imgur.com/a/HwfVJ
BLAA will not function properly (and will most likely cause unwanted behavior) if you choose an ingame resolution that is higher than your current screen resolution. whether it’s the just the width, just the height or both.
I hope it helps!