x Crimson und Grimghast Rift Guide

Crimson Rift 
- If you want honor, this rift is your friend. 
At around level 31+ you can pick up 3 daily quests, with rewards totaling to 1.5k honor. 
You can pick up these quest in Burnt Castle Camp. 
These rifts spawn in a few places in the world at a couple different times. 
At 12:05 in-game time, the rift will spawn in Cinderstone Moor and Ynystere, and also at the south-west end Sungold Fields at 18:05 in-game time. 
The rifts are identical in content, they just have different areas and times to give access everyone without there being wars over it, and also with the Sungold version only having one spawn point and not moving. In regards Ynystere, I do not know too much about it’s locations as I have not played on the east, so if someone has info on it I will add it to this post. In the mean time, I do know all about Cinderstone. 

When the rift spawns in Cinderstone, it always arrives just west of Grimsvoten, then will move to one of three locations. It can head to the north coast, just west of Dahuta’s Cauldron, it can move east ending up just north of Seachild Villa close to the coast, and the last possibility is it moves south-east stopping just north of the word Breezebrine on the map. As it moves to one of those locations, it will drop balls of fire that will cause a chunk of damage and trip you if hit by one, and from the ball spawns a mob from the first wave. Once it reaches the site, there will be a couple minutes wait before the first wave spawns. A thing to note about all mobs in this rift, is that when you aggro one, all other mobs within around 6m also aggro, so be careful with your pulls. These mobs are fairly easy and straight forward, normal level 40 mobs called either infantry or archers. After the first wave, you should have the first quest done as well, and the second wave will spawn. This wave consists of level 40 elite mobs called soldiers and reserves. These guys are a little tougher, but as long as you focus down the reserves there shouldn’t be any problems and you’ll have your second quest done. Then comes the last wave, which is made up of level 45 elite mobs called spearmen and commanders. This wave you really need to watch your pulls, because one of the first things an aggroed commander will do is summon 3 infantry and 3 archers from the first wave to fight with him. Also the summoned mobs still give credit for the first quest if you missed the first wave of mobs. After clearing this wave, you can either try to take on the two bosses that spawn with 900k hp each, if you have a large enough group and the know how on how to kill them, or most likely you can go turn in your quests to collect your honor.

Grimghast Rift 
- Okay so I know the last one was a wall of text, but the next two should be short and sweet. 
This rift is much less commonly done, as it only gives 500 honor as a daily despite it being much more challenging and the quest line to receive the quest worth honor isn’t all that well known. 
To explain it quickly, there is a sign in Seachild Wharf to your left as you are entering from the west side. The quest will have you take 5 of either fabric, iron, stone bricks, or lumber to Burnt Castle Camp. 
Once you do that, you will have to carry two packs over to a build site located between Breezebrine and Seachild Wharf while the Grimghast rift is up, which spawns at 00:00 in-game time. 
If you are having trouble finding the build site, just locate the rift, then head to the north side of it. Once you deliver the two packs and complete the quest, you should now have a daily quest to do the Grimghast rift. As I stated briefly before, this rift isn’t a cake walk like the crimson rift. The mobs are very similar in AI and skills, but they are all level 50 elite mobs, which come at you in packs. There is only one wave to this rift though, which explains why there is only one quest worth the 500 honor. Two bosses spawn after you clear out all the mobs, which are similar to the crimson rift bosses, but just more powerful, and more hp.