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Skullknight (Defense + Auramancy + Occultism) class is the best Tank in ArcheAge online game, a crazy amount of CC and defense make it nightmare opponent in 1V1 PVP and a great teammate to have in large scale group PVP and PVE.
The King of Tanks of LV50 ArcheAge Skullknight Guide
Occultism is almost unique output skill in Skullknight class, but mainly to strengthen skills in occultism talent, so you need point out that the main output skill Hell Spear  and  Summon Crows  for extra damage and a poison effect, Summon Crows attacks all enemies within 5 meters and reduces their Physical Accuracy. And the Mana Stars  is the basic output skill as well as sustained damage, no CD and instant cast with 20 meters. Stillness  interrupts all enemy casting within 5 meters and it is a good AOE Silence for 3.5 sec, 45 sec CD, meanwhile, removes all Fear effects from caster.
Another, Retribution  returns 50% of received Melee damage to the enemy for 10 sec. Summon Wraith  is AOE damage with the wraith curse within 7 meters, reduces move speed, attack speed and cast speed.
Comet’s Boon  for increase the Move Speed of allies it passes 31 meters and deals 77 physical damage to all enemies hit by the light. Conversion Shield converts 26% magic damage to health for 8 sec with a energy shield. Vicious Implosion  is a AOE Pull for engaging the enemy within 10 meters and follow with the Hell Spears / Crows. Shrug It Off  + Liberation  for breaking CC and preventing it.
Protective Wings  grants immunity to Magic Damage to allies within 5 meters for the duration, ensure the the stability of tank and avoid the mistake for abnormal state in the key time.
Shield Slam Bull Rush  used together for great damage. Refreshment  increase you max health and mettle. Boastful Roar  reduces move speed and cast speed, combo with Shrug It off deals additional +60% damage. Redoubt  increases your block rate and combo with Liberation gains Magic Shield and prevent getting tripped and push back. Imprison  can imprison all enemies within its boundaries for 20 sec, stopping enemies edcaping or getting healed. Invincibility  immunity to all damage with 3 meters for 12 sec, will be cancel if you move.
Combos Skills
Shield Slam + Bull Rush
Redoubt + Liberation
Conversion Shield
 + Shield Slam
Conversion Shield + Bull Rush
Shrug It Off + Boastful Roar
Hell Spear + Hell Spear
Hell Spear + Summon Crows
Equipment and Weapon
7 Plate armors, physical defense increased by 3%, maximum HP increased by 5%, stun and shackle duration -20%.
7 Cloth armors, cast time reduced by 4%, chance to interrupt casting when hit by an enemy is reduced by 50%. Magical damage increased by 5%. The duration of the effects of control reduced by 30%.
For weapon, Katana / Sword / Scepter + Shield. Such as Scoundrel’s Moon. Of course, you can also go Cloth / Plate with Int, use Staff for max damage, and get Scepter + Shield if you have enough archeage gold for physical damage reduction in later.
Archeage Katana Weapon
Last, if you prepared to choose the strong life insurancegroup control abilities and bring a large of output time for team after LV50, can change your Skullknight build like this.
The King of Tanks of LV50 ArcheAge Skullknight Guide

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