x Paladin – Lawbringer PvP Build


I. Preface
II. Build Play-style Overview
III. Weapons
IV. Armor
V. Combos
VI. Using the Build

Build: http://archeagedatabase.net/us/calc/189523 or you can see the build on Archebuild here: http://arche-base.com/builds/28193-G…10/HzbZ8721tvE

*NEW* Just added a FAQ questions portion submitted by fellow forum users.

I. Preface

I’m Avallon, from the guild Digital Nomads on Naima server, N/A. There are limited resources available given how new ArcheAge is, so I thought I would contribute some ideas to the community. This build is designed around PvP combat. I recommend my second guide (in progress) for a paladin pve build. This is a work in progress, and I will be adding additional information as time goes on.

(I will include an explanation section for why I chose specific talents)

Let me start this guide off by saying that ArcheAge is not the kind of game where there is one perfect cookie-cutter spec or class.

With any game involving numbers and tuning, there will obviously be certain combinations that have more strengths than others, but I believe with the right gearing and skill, you can be successful in pvp without succumbing to the tyranny of the “top 5 classes of ArcheAge” or be disappointed that your class is not a “tier 1″ category.

I love the paladin archetype, and was disappointed to read that paladins were “not viable” or “not as good” at pvp than other available classes. I decided to challenge this notion, and it has had great results in pvp thus far.

Even though there aren’t any “cookie-cutter” specs, there are certainly abilities that have great synergy, and some abilities that aren’t worth the talent point you put into it. This build allows for the “most bang for your buck” – and does not waste points on the weaker talent choices that are available.

II. Build Play-style Overview

In order to use this build properly, you must be familiar with the play-style. This build can dish out a lot of steady damage, and is centered around the idea of offensive and defensive modes, using stuns to provide window to either nuke the target, or heal yourself up. This build also requires effective use of weapon swapping. It is important to know when to be offensive, and when to go on the defense. Of course, timing is everything.

III. Weapons

For offense mode:Axe/shield

For defense mode: One-handed club/shield.

Swords have situational benefits, as you have a higher parry chance, which synergizes well with your Deflect and Retaliate passive. The sword will be beneficial against melee classes, but will have limited benefits in regard to fights against casters and ranged. This is because you are unable to parry spells or ranged attacks.

Axes have benefits that apply universally – whether your enemy is melee, ranged, or a caster, it always helps to have additional damage in the form of a bleed. Also – precision strike deals an additional 37% damage to bleeding targets.

- 1H Club.
• Attack speed: 1.7
• Bonuses available: force, stamina, intelligence + Healing Power
• Damage type: blunt
• Notes:
- Blunt damage is most effective against targets that use heavy armor.
- When inflicting damage there is chance to stun enemy on 1.5 sec

- 1H Swords.
• Attack speed: 1.6
• Bonuses available: strength, intelligence, stamina
• Damage type: slashing
• Notes:
- Slashing damage is more effective against targets that use light armor, however, cause less damage to any other type of equipment.
- When receiving damage there is a chance to parry next attack

- 1H Axe.
• Attack speed: 1.7
• Bonuses available: strength, agility, stamina
• Damage type: slashing
• Notes:
- Slashing damage is more effective against targets that use light armor, however, cause less damage to any other type of equipment.
- When dealing damage there is a chance to cause a bleed-over-time on the target

IV. Armor

You should always carry a set of plate armor, and a set of cloth armor in your inventory. In a one-on-one fight against a caster, wear your cloth armor. Against everyone else, wear your plate set. This is assuming you know who you will be facing from afar, and have time to swap before combat.

Also, your armor should have strength and stamina as the primary stats. Your healing output will be influenced by your one-handed healing club – trust me, the weapon is all that you need. Don’t stack spell-casting stats with this build. It will severely gimp your damage output, and weaken the return on the heavy point investment into your Battlerage tree.
By default, I always have my plate armor on, as it is effective against two of the three damage types: melee + ranged non-caster classes.

Plate armor:
High Physical Defense base values and NO Magical Defense base values

• Plate 4/7: Physical defense increased by 3%.
• Plate 7/7: Physical defense increased by 3%. Maximum HP increased by 5%. Stun and Shackle duration -20%.

Strengths & Weaknesses
• Weak against Blunt / Normal against Piercing / Strong against Slashing

Cloth armor:
Low Physical Defense base values and high Magical Defense base values.

• Cloth 4/7: Cast time reduced by 4%. Chance to interrupt casting when hit by an enemy is reduced by 50%.
• Cloth 7/7: Cast time reduced by 4%. Chance to interrupt casting when hit by an enemy is reduced by 50%. Magical damage increased by 5%. The duration of the effects of control reduced by 30%.

Strengths & Weaknesses
• Weak against Piercing / Normal against Blunt / Strong against Slashing

V. Combos/Abilities

A. Offensive:

1) Triple Slash + Whirlwind Slash 

-Triple Slash causes targets to be shaken. Whirlwind Slash inflicts an additional 13% damage against shaken targets.

-Use: This is the standard combo attack for moderate damage. Whirlwind Slash has a relatively low cooldown, which can be refreshed with a lucky deflect and retaliate proc.

2) Charge + Triple Slash 

-Charge causes targets to be snared. Triple Slash causes snared targets to be tripped.

-Use: As a standard opener, or to interrupt healing/casting.

3) Charge + Shield Slam 

-Charge causes targets to be snared. Shield Slam does an additional 31% damage to snared targets.

-Use: Decent damage, and recommended if target is temporarily immune to the tripped effect.

4) Mirror Light + Triple Slash 

-Mirror Light causes a snare, Triple Slash causes snared targets to be tripped.

-Use: If the target is already in your face, no need to waste a charge, just go straight from a Mirror Light to the Triple Slash trip.

5) Mirror Light + Shield Slam 

-Mirror Light causes a snare, Shield Slam does an additional 31% damage to snared targets.
-Use: When charge is on CD, and the target is immune to trip, might as well go for the extra damage.

B. CC Combo:

1) Shield Slam + Bull Rush 

-Shield Slam stuns, Bull Rush trips stunned targets.

-Use: This combo is amazing, it trips the target, while dealing decent damage as an added bonus. I use this ability to set up offensive combos (if my hp is looking good), or to give me a window to execute some healing.

C. Healing Combos:

Not really a combo, but this is the sequence of heals I use:

When taking light damage:
-Mirror Light + Resurgence

When taking moderate damage:
- Mirror Light + Resurgence + Antithesis

When taking heavy (non-spike) damage:
-Mirror Light + Resurgence + Fervent Healing x5

When taking spike damage:
-Fervent Healing x5 spam!

VI. Using the Build in Action

A. Opener / Offense Mode
In a 1v1 encounter, I will pop battle focus, and follow very aggressively by casting mirror light Mirror Light on my target, followed by a charge/lasso Charge > shield slam Shield Slam > bull rush Bull Rush combo. I then position myself behind my target for a precision strike Precision Strike.

This is followed by triple slash Triple Slash > whirlwind slash Whirlwind Slash combo.
NOTE: If the target is a melee shield user, and you see that he has cast redoubt Redoubt, hold off on the shield slam and bull rush, as it is likely to get blocked. Try your best to get behind the target when using abilities to ensure that they land.

If I get cc’d at the beginning of an encounter and take damage, I will weapon swap to a one handed healing club, and use mirror light Mirror Light > resurgence> antithesis. If it’s simply a snare, I use my bondbreaker early, to ensure I can maximize its use during the duration of the encounter and to also prevent anyone from setting up a ranged combo early on.

B. Defense Mode / Healing Mode
Against ranged targets that are continuously kiting, I will immediately swap to my club and use redoubt to reduce the incoming damage. Ranged classes such as Primevils will attempt to keep you at max range, and the skilled ones will not let you get within gap-closer range.

Paladins are limited in their gap closers, and I’ve found that rather than continuously chasing after a more mobile range target, you should run in the opposite direction for a bit, forcing them to have to move towards you, then make a sudden quick swap toward their direction. This more often then not, throws them off and will get you into tiger strike range.

Do not wait until you are at 20-30% to start healing yourself back up. Less experienced pvpers will wait until they are in the red zone to start healing. You want to pop at least a mirror light and resurgence earlier on to extend your effective health pool. Waiting until the last minute to heal, can lead to you being stunned, cc’d, interrupted, and nuked down before you can start recasting the heal.

That being said, DO NOT overheal yourself. Wasting mana could mean the difference between winning and losing a fight. Get a feel for how much hp each of your heals restores you to, and try to time your heals accordingly. For example, don’t spam fervent healing five times if you’re at 90% hp.

C. Reacting to Nukes

If I take heavy damage up front, I will quickly swap to my club, and use a mirror light on myself and cast fervent healing. If it’s heavy melee damage, I will pop redoubt before using the healing sequence. I will then judge whether or not to pop invincibility, to allow my heals to come off cool-down for a second rotation through.

Key Points

-Know when to go on the offensive, and when to go on the defensive – it is crucial for the success of this build. Timing is everything.

-Do not waste your mana, make sure you get the most out of your heals.

-Do not “save” your defensive cool-downs or cc-breakers for the “perfect time” to use them.
Redoubt is on a 60-second cd, and bondbreaker is on a 24-second cd.

-While you don’t want to use these abilities when they aren’t needed, you shouldn’t wait to use redoubt for the first them while the fight has gone on for over a minute. (that’s 20 seconds of physical damage reduction you could have had, but wasted!)


1) Are Paladins good at 1v1 pvp? 

Answer: In 1v1 pvp: With this build, I have a 70% win to loss ratio in the arena. Geared casters, particularly defilers and daggerspells can be close to impossible to beat, until I get a full cloth set (for the magic resist and the CC-reduction).

With that said, you should have close to a 100% win rate against any non-magic user, which includes all variations of Archer and Battlerage tree specializations.

Given that there are three “categories” of damage (spell casters, range physical, melee physical), and assuming that a proportional amount of each class ques into the arenas, you should naturally have close to a 66% win rate, as range physical and melee physical classes can be beaten with relative ease with this build. 

2) are we good in a group? 

Answer: We are GREAT in groups, we can soak a lot of physical damage without breaking a sweat. Also, I’ve beaten people 4v2 with just one other buddy who was running a high CC/healer hybrid. With a good healer behind you, you will wreck face.

3) are we good in pve? 

Answer: In PvE you bring moderate sustained damage with excellent support healing. You act as a support to both the tank, as well as the healer, helping to pick up loose adds, and helping to throw extra heals when the healer gets CC’d.

4) I would love to be an awesome paladin who can 1v1 any class so do nice damage but also be very hard to kill!! Can we be that as a paladin? 

Answer: You will be almost impossible to kill when it comes to ranged physical, and melee physical damage dealers. Spell casters are a different story, they will destroy you unless you are able to swap to a nice set of cloth armor. We are super strong against 2 out of 3 damage types, which is better than just being average against all 3 in my opinion.

5) Also I’m using a 1handed club. I’m told that the difference in switching to a sword is very minimal for what more damage you get in the switch. 

Answer: The damage is definitely noticeable. I would highly recommend weapon swapping to a good axe if you can get your hands on one, particularly because when the axe places a bleed on your target, your Precision Strikes will hit for an additional 37% damage, which is excellent. If you can’t get your hands on a good axe, grab the Hasla sword – the dps different is extreme between the hasla weapon and a middle-of-the-line 1H club.

Remember: We put 12 points into battlerage so that we can ensure we pump out enough damage against our targets before we run out of mana.

6) I also have people saying you should have a leather and plate set but i dont want a leather set i just want a plate set. do you have both?

Answer: I have a plate set, and I am currently working on a strength based cloth set. There is no point in having both leather and plate. Leather is middle of the line against both magic types, while plate and cloth specialize against their respective damage types. Cloth is definitely a must have if you want to stand a chance against talented Defilers and Daggerspells, who will CC you and nuke you down before you can do anything at all.

7) And last but not least i watch a videor on youtube of a paladin in archeage who is friggin awesome in arena. Did you know if there is a spear for us to use or if there is one coming?

Answer: There is an excellent spear that drops off of one of the bosses in the level 50 dungeon: Greater Howling Abyss. It does a lot of damage, and has a “piercing” modifier which certainly helps against leather-wearers. It dropped while running GHA last night, but I passed to a guildie.