x The Fishing Manipulation

So in this guide I’ll take you through everything fishing. 


Fishing in Archeage is the act of using a rod and some bait (i.e. worms) to catch fish. This is super simple and you can just let your character do this for you by right clicking the icon highlighted and then putting the line in the water far enough away so the bobble goes green.
Although this is easy, this will quickly get expensive. The upside is that you can sell the fish that you get, and sometimes upwards of 10g a fish!
Equipment: Bamboo rod – This is the most basic rod and doesn’t require any proficiency to use. This rod can be used an unlimited amount in a three day period. You can either buy it from the auction house or craft it. It sits around 3g.
Bait: Bait Worm – Worms can be purchased from the auction house or harvested as a bi-product of seed bundles. To make a seed bundle you need the large scarecrow farm and the specialised farmers workbench which takes a little while. I usually just stick to purchasing worms.
Experience: Like every other proficiency you’ll gain an equal amount of experience per labor point spent. Normal fishing depending on your level will net around 200-250exp and double that with a vocation potion. 
Labor: It costs 5 labor per cast. Get your workers compensation potion happening!
NOTE: Make sure you equip the rod!

Sports Fishing

Now here is the real winner in trying to level while fishing. Sports fishing can be a daunting task, but it is really quite simple, especially when you’re just trying to level.
You can sports fish in either sea water (dangerous) or fresh water like in Silent Forest (safe).
Sports fishing is much cheaper in the long run than normal fishing too which is great for the money conscious!
All you have to do is use a boat to sail around a lake that boasts a fishing hook like Silent Forest. Sail around until you spot a flock of seagulls and head on over. 
The water underneath the seagulls will be swarming with fish. In the fresh water you’ll find Arowana, Electric Eels and Carp.
Arowana requires “Chopped Squid” while Carp and Electric Eels require an item called “Chum.” These costs vary per server but last time I checked chum was 3g a piece. The upside? You only need to use this once.
The other piece of equipment required are yellow hooks. These cost me 30 silver a piece on my server but will net a massive amount of experience per hook.
Now all you need to do is throw the respective bait in the water which will send the fish into a feeding frenzy. Now it’s your time to sports fish! You’ll see that the second icon light up. This is the sports fishing icon.  Click that and throw the line out into the water. 
This usually takes a while, roughly 1-3 minutes so it’s a great time to get some work done. All you need to do is look over occasionally to see your progress. Now every time you catch a fish or the timer runs out, you’ll gain 4,500 experience! More than you would if you handed a quest in.
If you take a vocation potion, you’ll be receiving a whopping 9,000 experience per fish. Crazy talk I know! This requires 100 labor per catch though so it quickly levels you up but will also quickly use up labor.
Now if you do get a fish caught on your line, you can either catch the fish (I’ll be doing a guide later on about sports fishing) or you can “cut the line” and simply recast the spell. The fish that is on the line will just swim around for a bit and eventually disappear. 
The reason why I don’t catch the fish and hand them in is because these fishing spots don’t last forever, usually an hour max and I would rather get the experience from fishing than waste time catching the fish and handing it in each time. If you are extremely gold conscious, these fish will net on average 1.5g per catch and you hand them in like a trade pack to the fishing guy like in the screenshot below.

Cost Breakdown for 1,000 Labor

Normal Fishing
20 silver per cast
5 labor per cast
1,000/5 = 200
200*20 = 4,000 silver or 40 gold. 
Sports Fishing
3g for one off chum cost
30 silver per cast
100 labor per cast
1,000/100 = 10
10*30 = 300 silver or 3 gold.
3+3 = 6 gold.
As you can see it is MUCH cheaper to do sports fishing (and also more engaging). The only downside is that if you want to fish in fresh water, sometimes you need to wait around for the fish spots to appear. Also I am not factoring in the money you get back from selling the fish for either category. 
For normal fishing I usually get 80% of my money back but for sports fishing you get 1.5g on average per fish which after 2 fish (10 minutes) will basically mean you break even. 

The Bonus Items

The two items I use while fishing are “Worker’s Compensation” and “Vocation Potion.”
Worker’s Compensation will give you a 1,000 labor boost usable every 12 hours and the Vocation Potion will double the experience you earn from any activity that uses labor.
That’s how you can get 9,000 experience per lure cast in sports fishing.
So there you go!
If you’re struggling with PVP or your zone is at war, go fishing. You can often level 2-3 levels while fishing each time and I find it fun to break the monotonous yet interesting “kill monsters and collect weird things like poo” quests. 
The level up.