x Class Overview: CLERIC – HEALER


Disclaimer: This is not a guide. It is merely an overview of the class and how it plays.





Healing in ArcheAge is quite difficult, especially if you don’t have the best gear. Mana is a constant issue because there is no mana regen while casting. This makes mana food and potions mandatory, especially if you are healing in dungeons such as Greater Howling Abyss or else you won’t be able to maintain the healing output required to keep your group alive.





The Cleric is probably the most common healing build. It consists of the Songcraft, Vitalism and Auramancy skill trees to give a good mix of AoE and single target heals.








With this build Songcraft provides some much needed AoE healing as well as some group buffs to boost nearby players.

Startling Strain Startling Strain – Stun that can be useful in PvP or PvE to reduce incoming damage. It also reduces cast time by 20% for 5 seconds which is good for casting other spells faster in emergency situations.

Healing Hymn Healing Hymn – AoE healing spell that heals a target and jumps to a new target. One of the few healing spells that are instant cast so you can use it while moving. Great spell because it bounces between targets, healing them, while you continue to cast other healing spells.

Hummingbird Ditty Hummingbird Ditty – Cast time reduction is crucial to this build because of Antithesis. More details on this later. Hummingbird Ditty can also be cast on friendly targets as well so it does improve the damage output of your group/raid.

Rhythmic Renewal Rhythmic Renewal – Expensive but long lasting AoE healing circle. Can be difficult to find a situation to use it in PvP but it is excellent for world bosses and some dungeon bosses were the raid can stack up together.

[Perform] Bulwark Ballad Perform Bulwark Ballad – One of my favorite performance songs from Songcraft. Boosts my magic defense from 39% to 52% and my physical defense from 19% to 40% over a few seconds. Extremely good in all areas of the game, not much explanation needed. Difficult to maintain in dungeons but you can cycle it in between healing casts because it will still last for 5 even if you start casting other spells.

[Perform] Bloody Chanty Perform Bloody Chanty – Another great Songcraft tune. Provides a significant damage increase to nearby players by increasing attack speed and damage by 16% – 24%, which isn’t a small amount. Once again it can by cycled in to a healing rotation to provide 5 seconds of increased DPS for nearby players.

Uptempo Uptempo – More cast time reduction. Good for Mend and Antithesis.


Antithesis Antithesis – Single target, cast time heal. It is also cheap on mana and heals for quite a bit. With this build you will find yourself using this heal the most because of the fast cast time and the short cooldown. Has a reduced cooldown if you have the Inspired buff, heals for 16% more if the target has Resurgence and is instant cast if you have the Conversion Shield buff active.

Mirror Light Mirror Light – Dispels a target, removing a debuff which is useful for PvE and PvP. The target will also receive 15% more healing for 3 minutes. Good to keep on a tank or other targets that you know will take a lot of damage. Can occasionally be used on enemies to root them in place to prevent them escaping.

Resurgence Resurgence – Simple heal over time. Useful to top people off but can also be used while moving if there is no other alternative because it is instant cast.

Mend Mend – Strong AoE heal with a lengthy cast time which is a reason for the build containing so many cast time reduction skills. Scales extremely well with healing power with a 450% modifier and has a reduced cooldown when you have the Inspired buff, which you will once I explain the Auramancy part of the build. In addition it will also heal for 30% more on targets that have Resurgence.

Aranzeb’s Boon Aranzeb’s Boon – Increases your Intelligence and Spirit and can also be casted on friendly targets. Intelligence increases the size of your mana pool and spirit increases healing power and mana regeneration.

Fervent Healing Fervent Healing – Instant cast spell that heals the target. It can be spammed up to 5 times with each tick dealing increased healing but also using more mana. Very powerful single target heal that you can use on the move but don’t use it unnecessarily because it can consume a lot of mana. If the target is not in immediate danger of dying then Antithesis would be better if it is available.

Spirit Growth Spirit Growth – Excellent passive skill for healing. A 9% increase to spirit means more healing power and mana regeneration.

Alms Alms – More cast time reduction for Antithesis and Mend to give faster throughput.

Invigorated Healing Invigorated Healing – Another great passive. When your heals critically strike they will be increased by 50%.

Defiance Defiance – One of my favorite passives in Vitalism. Provides a significant boost to magic defense for nearby players which will reduce incoming damage.

Joyous Spirit Joyous Spirit – This passive really helps make this build what it is. The cooldown reduction allows you to use all of your Vitalism spells more often, but most importantly it further reduces the cooldown of Antithesis which is my goal for this build.


Thwart Thwart – This skill is a key part of this build. Using Thwart will buff you with Inspire which reduces the cooldown of Antithesis by 0.6 seconds and this effect stacks. With the Hearten passive Inspire will last for 30 seconds so you will need to include Thwart in to your rotation to maintain Inspire.

Health Lift Health Lift – Can be cast on yourself and other players to increase their health. This allows people to take more damage before dying.

Meditate Meditate – Mana is such a problem as a healer because you don’t regenerate any mana until 5 seconds after casting. With Meditate you can regenerate a good chunk of mana during low damage periods so that you can keep healing.

Protective Wings Protective Wings – Awesome cooldown that can be used to negate some boss skills or other players. Channels a circle that makes nearby players immune to magic damage.

Hearten Hearten – Makes your Inspire buff from Mend and Thwart last for 30 seconds. This makes it easier to maintain.





Combos are a significant part of combat in ArcheAge. By properly comboing your skills together you can maximize your healing and utility. Here is a list of available combos with this Cleric Build.

Startling Strain + [Perform] Bulwark Ballad = Reduces physical/magical defense on Charmed targets by 50%

Startling Strain[Perform] Bloody Chanty = Reduces the damage of Charmed targets by 20%.

ResurgenceAntithesis = Antithesis heals for 16% more on the target

ResurgenceMend = Targets with Resurgence receive 30% more healing

MendAntithesis = Inspire buff from Mend reduces the cooldown of Antithesis by 0.6 seconds.

MendMend = Inspire buff from Mend reduces the cooldown of Mend by 2.1 seconds.

MendFervent Healing = Inspire buff from Mend reduces the cooldown of  Fervent Healing by 1.2 seconds.

ThwartAntithesis = Inspire buff from Thwart reduces the cooldown of Antithesis by 0.6 seconds.

ThwartMend = Inspire buff from Thwart reduces the cooldown of Mend by 2.1 seconds.

ThwartFervent Healing = Inspire buff from Thwart reduces the cooldown of  Fervent Healing by 1.2 seconds.





Keeping in mind that the goal of this build is to reduce your cast time and lower the cooldown of Antithesis to a point were it is almost spammable because it is one of the most mana efficient heals at your disposal, there is not a lot of room for adjustments in the Songcraft or the Vitalism trees.


The only real adjustment that could be made in this tree is that you could replace Startling Strain with Alarm Call if you are in large scale battles such as castle sieges but other than that there is not much use for it. I do want to warn you about Ode To Recovery though. You may read it and see that it does some healing and think that it is good, it isn’t. It heals for so little that it is not worth the skill point. Casting other healing spells will also cancel its effect so stay away from it.


Once again, every point in the Vitalism tree is precious. If you already have players in your group that have Arenzeb’s Boon in their spec then you can drop it in favor of another skill such as Revive. There are a couple of skills in Vitalism that sound better than they actually are. Renewal heals for a reasonable amount but the proc chance is only 15% which is not reliable enough to warrant a skill point.

The Painful Recharge passive skill that converts 3% of received damage to mana is not great. For every 1,000 damage you take, you only gain 30 mana. It is not good value when you look at it like that. Antithesis is your cheapest heal and you would need to take 10,000 damage to generate enough mana to cast a singleAntithesis with the Painful Recharge talent.

I have tried Quick Recovery but it also procs from critical heals so even a critical tick from Resurgence can proc it and trigger a 20 second cooldown. I found that it always procced at the worst time and I never really got any benefit from it which is I excluded it from my build.


Some space for changes in the Auramancy tree. If you aren’t required to run with Health Lift and/orProtective Wings because other players have them then you can spend those points in Teleportation for increased mobility, Shrug It Off for damage reduction and CC removal. The best alternative though will beConversion Shield. Not only does it reduce incoming magic damage but it also makes Antithesis have no cast time for its duration. This has great synergy with our cooldown reduction build so you should manage to cast Antithesis twice instantly before Conversion Shield expires.





As a Cleric I roll with cloth gear for the reduced cast time cloth bonus. This fits in really well with our haste/cooldown reduction build.

For weapons I use a 1-H Club because clubs are the only weapons that have the extremely important healing power stat which will boost the effectiveness of your spells. There are 2-H clubs available and they will typically have more healing power than a 1-H club bit I choose to use a shield in my off hand for increased survival which benefits both PvP and PvE. Equipping a shield will not only give you more defense, it also buffs your magic defense by 200 and increases your max health and max mana by 350.

You can refer to our overview of stats in ArcheAge article for more information on stats. Here is a list of stats that are relevant to the Primeval class.


  • Spirit – Increases magic defense and healing power. Increases health/mana regen and all accuracy.
  • Intelligence – Increases the size of your mana pool.
  • Stamina – Increases health by 12 per point.
  • Healing Power – Increases the effectiveness of your healing spells.
  • Physical Defense – Reduces the physical damage you take from targets of the same level.
  • Magical Defense – Reduces the magical damage you take from targets of the same level.


  • Cast Time – The average percentage of time it takes to cast your spells compared to standard cast times
  • Skill Cooldown – The length of ability cooldowns as a percentage of the standard cooldown.





This build above is what I am currently playing with on live servers. I don’t have the best gear, I am still working on my Greater Howling Abyss set but this build gives me the strength to be able to heal this dungeon.

Before using this particular build I had tried many others but none of them would fit my play style. When I set out to create this build I wanted to make a build that would focus on Anthithesis because it is cheap on mana and still heals for a good amount. That is why we run with Thwart in the build because inspire reduces the cooldown of Antithesis for each stack, up to 3 stacks. At 3 stacks of Inspire my Antithesis has a 2.6 second cooldown – a vast improvement over the standard 4 second cooldown, 5 seconds without Joyous Spirit.

Since the primary heal of this build is Antithesis, a cast time spell, I put a lot of emphasis on cast time reduction to make those casts as quick as possible.  Currently my Antithesis has a 1.5 second cast time and with a 2.6 second cooldown, I have just more than 1 second downtime between casts. That spare time between the cooldown can be filled with Resurgence, Healing Hymn, Mend of your Songcraft songs.

Overall I really like this healing build. Before this build I found myself stuck, waiting around for Antithesis the finish its cooldown but now I can almost spam it. Just remember that in the heat of battle you can drain your mana pool entirely in a short period of time so be equipped with mana potions, crafted from alchemy, and mana food, crafted by cooking, to sustain your output. I hope you found this class overview helpful. If you have any questions then feel free to hit me up on Twitter @ArcheAegis