How to Build and Benefits of Owning a Castle on Auroria

ArcheAge Guard Tower

Castle is the most powerful symbol of a guild, which means that has a wealth of financial, materials, human resources, etc. Castle is pursued by each guild in ArcheAge, its core gameplay fun is that on its territory with on expand, through develop its scientific and technological fields step by step to form an expansionary forces, thereby get fun and development.
Where can I build owning a castle?
Castles can only be built on Auroria. Good place to grab land is Calmlands, Heedmar, Nuimari, and Marcala.
How to build owning a castle?
1. First claim the land by activating the Guard Tower. How to activate the guard tower in Auroria? You must craft the Purifying Archeum counts as a trade pack and with it on your back, then be possible to active the guard tower. Once active successfully, you and your guild can control the surrounding territory, and the gold will be for the taxes.

Claiming the land by activating the Guard Tower to build a castle in ArcheAge
Materials of Purifying Archeum
100 * Anya Ingot (professed from anya pebbles in Metalwork)
50* Blood Archeum Crystal (gained from PVP)

ArcheAge Purifying Archeum ArcheAge Purifying Archeum Trade Pack to Active the Guard Tower
2. Build walls, towers, gates and ladders to form a castle. Note, you castle is not protected in the beginning, it is very easy to use and control by the opponent guild, so please avoid other guild to know you are build a castle before.

How to get these items, walls, towers, gates, ladders
You can purchase the blueprints on Mirage Island with Gold or Auction House. Then you can place these items with any shape and size you wish on your land. If you want to craft these blueprints, the cost of a castle is extravagantly high, there will need massive materials, such as logs, stone, lumber, mine.

Buy design of walls, towers, gates, ladders items in Mirage Island


Adjust the tower with any shape and size to build a archeage castle
Building a castle is also a luxurious, should focus on distribution of resources around the castle, then is the internal construction, no matter how good internal building, no resources are crap! Another, step by step to develop the castle is more interesting and moving than those instantaneous castle. Because it means that player can connect together through a castle system and form a new platform nature of the world, what’s more, castle also be combined with many functions of game.
Benefits of Owning a Castle
What are the benefits to a guild for building a castle? It is very important that you can adjust the Taxes for the area you control (all houses and farms), this would be a stable income for the guild bank to do keep maintenance and keep expansion for the guild.

1. Building houses and farms.
2. Get materials more easier.
3. Design and build the layout of the castle, the more numbers of public buildings in your castle, the more stability of city. For example, auction, bank, city guard, universities, and various building.
4. Build your own faction and set the rules of interaction with the other 3 factions.
5. Sweet mount and armor set.
6. Siege, every 3 weeks, your castles siege scroll will become available for purchase on the AH with a starting bid of 500 Gold. The victory will get a special currency, Coins of the Lord (Lord’s Coins).
7. Every week, the guild leader can get 20 Lord’s Coins, Mount, Constume, Gold by mail. Lord’s Coins can purchase high end costumes and mount armor on Mirage Isle.
OK, building a castle can not be done without the help of a fairly large guild, need take dedication and a lot of resources to accomplish claiming and building a castle. If you want to know more details of ArcheAge Castle Building, here is a cool video recorded by the Igniter Poo player you can watch. Enjoy.