x How to Capture/Tame A World Boss as Your Pet

ArcheAge Legendary Taming Net

It is very cool thing that capture a world boss and queen bee as your pet successful in ArcheAge. There are 2 Legendary Taming world bosses (Farkrag the Wonderer and Windlord) and 4 Mythic Taming world bosses (Flamelord, Gatekeeper Harrod, Tarian the Grim and Daruda the Watcher) you can capture. Mythic world boss are much harder than legendary bosses, need a group of players to defeat. So, how to capture them as your pet?
First, you need a Legendary Taming Net or Mythic Taming Net to capture which types of world boss you want.

Where to craft taming net?

Leatherwork – Leather Goods – Mythic Taming Net / Legendary Taming Net

Materials of Legendary Taming Net
20 * Memory Ink
15 * Fine Leather (craft by 150 * Leather + 15 * Small Seed Oil)
5 * Emerald
5 * Ruby

ArcheAge Guide: How to Capture/Tame A World Boss as Your Pet
Materials of Mythic Taming Net
20 * Memory Ink
15 * Fine Leather
5 * Topaz
5 * Sapphire

ArcheAge Guide: How to Capture/Tame A World Boss as Your Pet

The materials you can buy in AH if want to fast get them with enough archeage gold. And the Emerald, Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire materials found by mining Fortuna Viens with a chance. Hot Mine Points to Earn ArcheAge Gold and Leveling Fast in Haranya and Nuia
Then, how /when to capture a world boss?

You need to get the world boss down to low health, how much health? Under 10%, it is need you try many times with good lucky, and then you throw the net and you have a small chance about 25% to success that you actually catch the boss. Rinse and repeat till you get lucky.
Location of World Bosses

Farkrag the Wonderer – Woods of the Forgotten of Gweonid Forest – Nuia / Falcon Rock Ward of Falcorth Plains – Haranya
Windlord – Windshade of Lilyut Hills – Nuia / Witchered Fields of Arcum Iris – Haranya
Flamelord – Queensridge of Solis Headlands – Haranya
Gatekeeper Harrod – Drunken Paddies of Vilanelle – Haranya
Tarian the Grim – Bloodwind Cliff of Dewstone Plains – Nuia
Daruda The Watcher – Starsunder Vents of Cinderstone Moore – Nuia
Last, the more details of capture a world boss information and want to know the different bosses abilities, check this profession archeage article you are right. And there is a very cool video about capturing a Flamelord successful in ArcheAge, very excited. Hope you also can capture or tame one as your pet! Good Luck!