x Explore Archeage 1v1 and 5v5 Arena

ArcheAge Rite of the Gladiator 10

There are many ways and places to PVP with different rules in ArcheAge, and the currency is Honor you will earn for every PVP related activity. You can open World PVP depends on your zone and your faction, such as same faction in peaceful zones / war zones, Halcyona, Sanddeep, Hellswamp, Hasla, etc. But you should know the Auroria continent is open war at all time, never a peaceful period.
There are two types of Arena PVP: 1v1 and 5v5 Arena.
1V1 Arena

How / where to join?
Talking to a Gladiator recruiter in main capital city. Open your map – merchants – Gladiator Recruiter.

The 1V1 Arena Varient is a large and simple circular Arena with no special buffs, just the first person with 2 kills wins another player. 1V1 Arena is more rewarding, but requires you have decent gear, cool skill and a viable 1V1 skills, such as Darkrunner, Skullnight, Daggerspell, Arcanist are very good for 1V1. This Arena is very good for PVP beginners.

There is a cool ArcheAge video by Seatinmanoflegends player about LV50 Primeval (Archery + Shadowplay + Auramancy) 1v1 arena carnage.

5V5 Arena

How / where to join?
Talking to a Arena recruiter in main capital city. Open your map – merchants – Arena Recruiter.

5V5 Arena with less rewarding, but can gain special titles which slightly increase your Maximum Health and Honor Gain.
5V5 Combat is very funny PVP mechanics in a linear with both Line of Sight and Height variables, the more kills, the more unique arena abilities you unlock, such as summon wolves, NPC dog and cannons, become invincible, buffing yourself, healing yourself and so on, but need note most of abilities you can only use one time. 5v5 Arena ends when either a team with more kills runs out the timer or either teams base is destroyed. Each team has a crystal which they must protect, although it does have two cannons they are fairly easy to destroy so you should not leave your base undefended.

How to gameplay in 5V5?
If you are a ranged, should use the towers and bridge in Arena, and the melee should slyly attempt to stop the other team getting to difficult points. If you are a melee, shadowstep is the good skill in here. If you team lack a healer, you should quickly retreating back into your base to restore your Health and Mana when you want.

Mobs in 5V5 Arena
Flame mobs drop a stick of dynamite, good for to destroy the large wooden crates.
Life mobs drop a temporary max health for 3 mins.
Pain mobs drop a reduction damage buff for 3 mins, most useful and worth to kill.
Arena Quest in 5V5 – Rite of the Gladiator

ArcheAge Rite of Gladiator 10 in 5V5 Arena
This quest just need you kill opponents in arena, will reward you the Honor and at Rite of the Gladiator 3, 6, 8, 10 and get a title increase you max health and honor gain at the end of arena. Note, the honor gain just apply to 5V5.
3: increase +20 max health, +1 honor gain – Defeat 80 opponents – Title: Arena Spark
6: increase +40 max health, +2 honor gain – Defeat 500 opponents – Title: Arena Flame
8: increase +60 max health, +3 honor gain – Defeat 1500 opponents – Title: Arena Torch
increase +80 max health, +4 honor gain – Defeat 3000 opponents – Title: Arena Wildfire

OK, a great video about LV50 Darkrunner 5V5 arena by SniperNamedG player you can watch.