x Alchemy Gear Enhancements

ArcheAge Lucid Life Lunadrop

Alchemy is one of popular crafting profession in ArcheAge online game, focusing on creating potions, enhancements, crafting materials and dyes. Today, we would share a ArcheAge guide of how to enhance your ArcheAge Items (armor and weapons) by socketing and enchanting of Alchemy for beginners. Socket lunagem is what players call Embedded or Socketing, and Lunadrop / Lunafrost is what players call Enchanting.
Know your equipment / gear first, such as below is a heroic quality Cloth Armor Wandering Scholar’s Hood, the extra green property inside the red box “Cast Time 1.5% Decrease” is enchantment, and the blue box is socket lunagem, you can set 3 gems to improve your items.

ArcheAge Cloth Armor

Socketing depends on the grade and piece of the item, certain gear pieces have more / less sockets than other. You can increase the number of sockets by increasing the rarity of an item, such as an arcane staff with 3 socket slots, and a celestial staff with 6 sockets.

ArcheAge Arcane Staff ArcheAge Celestial Staff
1. When socketing, the first socket is guaranteed success, however, every subsequent socket has a chance to fail, and if that happens, you’ll lose ALL previous sockets. So be careful these, do not get greedy.

2. Lunagem can use Dawnstone to remove.

3. After you remove one lunagem, then equip the new Lunagem, the old lunagem will disappear, it belongs consumables.

Only one enchant on an individual item, new enchant will cover off the old! You can choose enchant Lunadrop or Lunafrost for your armor and weapon.

Special Materials

Lunarite , Fine Lunarite , Superior Lunarite , Mysterious Garden Powder , Moonlight Archeum Dust , Prime Lunarite

Lunadrop will drop by monster occasionally, use it to enchant to all the armor (except cloak). Increase all basic attributes, STR, AGI, STAM, SPR, INT. There are 5 kinds of affixes, divided into the main / vice attribute of two affixes.

Earth / Earthen: +Stamina
Fire / Flaming: +Strength
Gale / Windy: +Agility
Life / Lively: +Spirit
Wave / Tidal: +Intelligence

Each Lunadrop you crafted are unknown, the attribute will be randomly get. Of course, the main attribute you can choose when you craft, but maybe the vice attribute of you get randomly will point out the value of main attribute. Such as the lunadrop with Life main attribute, maybe will get the life lunadrop +4 Spirit, or is Windy Life Lunadrop with +3 Spirit of main attribute, +1 Agility of vice attribute, etc. So, crafting the Lunadrop in Alchemy, you can request the main attribute, and then it depends on your luck!


Lunafrost is enchanting the designated parts of special ability. It is also consumables.

Head: reducing Cast Time, extend the breathing time in underwater
Chest: recovery speed of Life and Mana
Hands: the Crit Chance of Physical, Remote, and Magic
Feet: Running Speed, Swimming Speed
Right Hand: Physical Damage, Magic Attack, Healing Power
Left Hand: Block Rate, Defense
Two Hand: Physical Damage, Magic Attack, Healing Power
One Hand: Melee skill damage, Magic skill buff, Melee/Magic Attack

So, in order to strengthen your equipment capacity, enchanting the special abilities with Lunafrost, and other parts of gear use Lunadrop to increase the attribute what you need. Below is the weapon with Lunafrost, like LED Bulbs, please find the alchemy master to craft the  level Whole + of weapon with lunafrost, the higher level, the light more bright and beautiful.

ArcheAge Weapon with Lunafrost