x KRAKEN Guide


Level: 50
Location: Open Sea / Tranquil Sea
Hit Points: 977.454
Attack Range: Far
Attitude: Aggressive
Type: Hero Boss
Respawn Time :~ 32h

[NEED] 8 + Ships (Black Pearl / Galleon )
Harpoon Clipper For Tank,Healers 

Full Raid : [50] Player’s + if needed 1/2 Raid for Defence 
[After 1st server kill there will be like 1-6h + War to only get near Kraken and then [1]-[2]Raids be needed to defence]

[Kraken Tanking] : 
1 Tank 3-5 Healers 1 – 2 Bard’s 
Tank Plate Armo Shield + 1h Staff and 15k+ HP 
Healer Light Armor + Shield + 1h Staff 
Bard Light or Plate armor Shield +1h Staff 
Build for tank http://arche-base.com/builds/generat…4/tgzvpTPvCUSK
Build for Healer’s http://arche-base.com/builds/generat…4/pTPvtjCKCsGK
Build For Bard’s http://arche-base.com/builds/generat…4/pTPvzhkKCsGK

Tanking starts ! Tank + Healers and Bard(s) take Harpoon Clipper and go to Kraken (Equip Air tank’s )

[Stage 0]
[Only under Water]
Getting Aggro 1-2 min 
Tank goes near Kraken and Use skill’s on Him self  +  gets first aggro
1 sec before  end’s use  Teleport a way , and start go in circles – radius at least 10 m . and use Healing to get aggro. 
In that time Healers SLOWLY heal’s Tank [Fast = you get aggro ] Bard(s) use Song for HP/MP regen [If Healer gets aggro use  and w8 till Tank gets aggro ] all goes till Kraken Pops-Up 

[Stage 1] HP 100%-50%

Battle Ships going in ! [4 Cannon Shooter’s [500+ cannon balls in pocket] 1 Bard/Heal and 1 Driver ]
Ship’s stay in Circle around Kraken 110m [max shooting range] and drop Anchor 
Start Shooting !

[Stage 2]HP 50%-30% 
[Ship]+[Underwater]Bard/Heal be rdy [50% Kraken starts using Skill [Tsunami] doing 7k Magic dmg in Radius 105m]

[Stage 3] HP 30%-0%

Kraken starts Healing Him self 1% HP in 3sec [22+ cannons can kill him easy ]. => Doing Scenary move Goes from Tank to ship and Hits .


1.Axe – Two-handed axe with additional skill, using which you can draw a target (radius – 20m) and reduce the speed of his victim by 30%. Skill is used within 6 seconds. Skill can be reused after 45 seconds.

2.Scepter with an additional one-handed skill, using which you can inflict damage to all enemy targets within 10m and immobilize them for 6 seconds. During PvP-battles duration side effect skills – immobility opponents – reduced by 50%. Skill can be reused after 45 seconds.

3.Shield with additional skills, using which your character becomes invisible for 10 seconds. Also this skill reduces movement speed and accuracy of enemies within a radius of 12 meters. Character becomes visible when approaching the enemy monster or 6m or less. Skill can be reused after 45 seconds.

4.Rare glider, which is one of the best in all ways.

5.Also, after killing a Kraken , battle participants can gather a giant octopus tentacles and profitable sell them.