x Compact Gold Making Guide


In ArcheAge, there are many ways can make gold fast, such as, Coinpurse, Quest rewards, Vendoring items, Tradepacks and Fishing. But many activities need your labor points to earn gold, such as Trade Runs, Break Down Gear, Farming. Now there are some ways you do not require any labor points to making gold fast in Archeage online game.
Gilda Star Daily
A large of Gilda Stars you can get though do the Gilda Star dailies and trade run, you can use to buy expensive ships and housing patterns, then sell these with a nice gold in AH or trade channel.

Trade Run
Simply bring a Trade Pack across the pond to Haranya or to Freedich Isle in the middle of the ocean.
Solis Headlands: 1 Gilda Star
Villanelle: 1 Gilda Star
Ynystere: 2 Gilda Stars
Freedich Isle: 4 Gilda Stars
Dailies to get the Gilda Stars and rest at 8pm EST.

Priestess of Nui (LV10 – LV30, each quest get 1 Gilda Star)
1. The Goddess of Nui (LV10- LV15)
2. The Hereafter’s Energy (LV16 – LV20)
3. Gifts for the Goddess (LV21 – LV25)
4. A Lily Offering (LV26 – LV30)

Blue Sale Brotherhood (LV31+, replace the Priestess of Nui daily quest and no longer accessible, each quest get 1 Gilda Star)
1. A Rare Perfume
2. Guerrilla Marketing
3. Raising a Wild Horse
4. Roadsend in Danger

Farmer’s Workstation (each quest get 1 Gilda Star)
Farmer’s workstation is crafted using your Small Scarecrow Design, 30 Lumber and VIscous Glossy Oil.

Menteeing / Mentoring
Menteeing quests get 1 Gilda Star, Mentoring quests get 3 Gilda Stars.
Sharpwind Mines
Kill Okape With a Mentor (LV19 – LV29)
Kill Okape with a Mentee (LV30+)

Burnt Castle Armory
Kill Hleronimus With a Mentor (LV31 – LV39)
Kill Hleronimus With a Mentee (LV40+)



Each PVP activities can get honor, which can use to buy many things, such as the popular item is Lunastones, which not bound to your character, so you can trade it in AH to get Gold fast. There are many best Lunastones you can get to sell along with their honor price.

How to Scoket a Lunastone into Armor?

Open up your inventory, on the bottom right click on the sword-icon “Regrade Item“.
Top side of that new window, click on “Lunastone” and then look for what parts that Lunastone is – Head, Chest etc.
Put the wanted gear into your Inventory, place it under “Equipment Item” and then the Lunastone. You can only use one Lunastone at a time!

Guide of Making Gold Fast - Don't Need Your Any Labor Points in ArcheAge
Honorbold Tranquil Lunafront – Delayed cast time when hit +30% – 2,000 Honor
Honorbound Intuitive Lunafrost – Stealth Detection +20.0% – 600 Honor

Honorbold Warrior’s Lunafrost – Received Damage +3.0% – 2,500 Honor
Honorbold Blessed Lunafrost – Recived Healing +10%

Honorbold Precision Lunafront – Melee Critical Damage +24% – 2,500 Honor
Honorbold Calm Lunafront – Magic Critical Damage +16% – 2,500 Honor
Honorbold Agility Lunafront – Ranged Critical Damage +24% – 2,500 Honor

1- H Gear
Honorbold Guardian’s Lunafrost – Melee Skill Damage +2.0% – 3,000 Honor
Honorbold Prophet’s Lunafrost – Magic Skill Damage +2.0% – 3,000 Honor
Honorbold Augur’s Lunafrost –  +20 Healing – 3,000 Honor

2-H Gear
Honorbold Ruler’s Lunafrost – Melee Skill Damage +3.0% – 4,000 Honor
Honorbold Conqueror’s Lunafrost – Magic Skill Damage +3.0% – 4,000 Honor
Honorbold Confessor’s Lunafrost –  +30 Healing – 4,000 Honor

All Gear
Honorbold Augur’s Lunafrost – +20 Healing

Ranged Gear
Honorbold Sniper’s Lunafrost – Ranged skill buff +2.0 and Melee Skill Damage +2.0%