x How to Raise Armor Crafting Fast


As you know there are 21 kinds of Crafting Professions in Archeage game and very different to other MMORPGs, the popular crafting is Alchemy, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Weaponry, etc. Not only can make your fast leveling to LV50 (use your labor points turn into experience), but also fast to level your alternate skillsets. Today, let’s talk about how to leveling your armor crafting professions fast, Leatherworking, Tailoring, or Metalworking.
Following items you will craft:

Leatherwork – Sleeves – Apprentice’s Typhoon Guards (Leather Armor)

Apprentice's Typhoon Guards
Tailor – Sleeves – Apprentice’s Ocean Sleeves (Cloth Armor)

Apprentice's Ocean Sleeves
Metalwork – Vambraces – Apprentice’s Quake Vambraces (Plate Armor)

Apprentice's Quake Vambraces
Prepare the following materials for each of Bracers, you can farm these materials for yourself or buy them in AH with archeage gold.
1 * Moonlight Archeum Dust
1 * Fabric (Tailor) / Leather (Leatherwork) / Iron bar (Metalwork)
3 * Blue Salt Wedge

1. when you break down the bracers with an Evenstone, will get the 1 Moonlight Archeum Dust back with 100% chance.
2. 1 set of bracers will burns your 100 Labor, and awards you about 5200 experience at LV50.
3. If you add in Patron status and a Vocation Tonic, will about 11400 experience for every bracer you crafted.
4. At level 50, simple swap some build tree around and all extra XP you get from professions or crafting will eventually fill that tree XP bar.