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Archeage Naval Battle

Are you get ready to the Naval Battle PvP in ArcheAge? Do you really know the ArcheAge Naval Battle system? Naval Battle is a battle between players and players, also is between players and sea monsters. Prepare to rally your guild friends and allies as you battle your way across the seas, challenging fellow players for glory and plunder. The open oceans are always flagged as PVP zones, you can assault trade vessels or pirate ships any time, it is very high risk.
Why should occur Naval Battle?
As you know there are 3 continent in Archeage, Nuia, Haranya and Auroria. Sea route is the important way of strategic materials that players go to Auroria for transport and build castle, is also players go trade for earn archeage gold or Gilda Star between the different continent, so frequent trade gave birth to the pirate class, sometimes will battle with non-professional pirate players, and if you unfortunate meet the unknown sea creatures, the battle is likely to occur at any time.
Cannon Operate

Some ships will carry varying amounts of cannons, the least of cannons is battle ship, and the most of cannons is the Black Pearl warship. Each cannon need a player to operate and need shells in backpack to fire. Standing next to cannon and press F to operate it. R is fire, click cannon and will find a aimed indicator line, you can use your mouse or UP / Down / Left / Right for debugging.


Introduce of ArcheAge Naval Battle PVP System
Ways of Battle on Ship
Hoist the sails and raise the anchors requires collaboration of the entire team.
1. Helmsman, is the most important on board. When you become a helmsman, you will automatically have a ability, player says this ability is “God Perspective” can decided to sail the direction of warships.
2. Sail Hand, control the sails of movements to adjusting the speed of the ship’s speed, the faster of the ship, the slower of the steering. So the coordination and decision making of Helmsman and Sail Hand, decide the position of warships. Once the war, the position decided to avoid ability, so these two jobs are very important.
3. Gunners. To prevent the invasion of pirates and other enemies in ArcheAge, you can install cannon for self-defense, so there are gunners jobs on board, each big warship have 4 cannons in the left and right sides, and each cannon need one player to operate, including the filling bombs, artillery shells etc. Note, the shells need you by crafting and put them in backpack. A big warship need 8 gunners + 1 Sail Hand + 1 Helmsman, ride about 11- 12 players is more appropriate.
How to Win the Naval Battle?
Once naval battle occur, players can use the cannon to attack other ships, after the near enemy ships, players can board the enemy ships to fighting, the healers make sure the health of allies. Note, the ship is the value of life, scrapped after the health up to 0, needs to be repaired before use, destroying enemy ship regarded as a victory faction, and plundered loot in the wreckage of enemy ship.
Reward of Naval Battle
Victory: can salvage boxes scattered on the sea, if the ship has trade goods, you can also get the dropped trade goods.
Failure: need to pay a fee to repair ships, this fee is very large usually, will cost you much gold.
Open Sea Boss Kraken

Kraken is the world boss with LV50 in ArcheAge, it is too hard to kill it. Need many skills and cooperation and will drop a ton of different stuff, battle pets, mounts, gliders, awesome gear, crafting supplies. And the Writhing Kraken Tentacle can sell about 18 Gold in NPC.

ArcheAge Kraken