x Class Guide: Enforcer

ArcheAge Enforcer Build

Enforcer class is composed by Sorcery, Auramancy and Battlerage skills, it has two skills for fighting, a variety of skills in Auramancy can strengthen its own, Sorcery skill with enough high mana damage, and some of the skills in Battlerage make enemy by a variety of negative effects, so is Enforcer a viable class?
Personal think this class just fine for leveling and pretty fun, it all depends on how allocated your points and what gear and weapons you use. If you want playing it as a melee build with full melee damage, most of skill points are in Battlerage, if you want do full magic damage, most of skill points are in Sorcery. OK, here is my LV50 Enforcer build can make a significant contribution to group.


Popular ArcheAge Class Introduction: Enforcer Build For Group Combat
Triple Slash of Battlerage skill is no CD, instant cast, can cast continuously and Shake enemy for 3 seconds, and bonus on the subsequent state, very cool skill. Battle Focus, decreases cooldown of battlerage skills -30% and increase Parry chance +28% for 20 seconds, so this skill should according to your main skills to decide whether to point out.
Teleportation is a god skill in Auramancy, no matter you want to escape or kill the enemy is always very useful in any games. Passive skill Teleportation Discipline can make your teleportation has a 50% chance to eliminate its cooldown and allow consecutive teleports. If you have enough skill points, this passive skill can point out.
Conversion Shield and Health Lift can recovery your health. Meditate can restore +4% of max mana per second for 9 seconds with singing, so you have to cast it in a safe place and the CD is 2 min, you can consider whether point out this skill. Liberation and Protective Wings are protection skills, can be well protected your teammates around with you. Passive skill Absorb Damage is also a god skill, must point, can covert 7% of received damage to health.
Skills of Sorcery with high damage, Flamebolt is no CD, make enemy burning for 3.2 seconds, Freezing Arrow + Freezing Earth to deep freeze, then there will bonus to other skills with very high damage if you cast. Passive skill Mana Pool Increase must point, increase max mana 15%.
OK, this disadvantage of Enforcer class is also evident that you need to get 2 weapons, one is Two-Handed Staff, another weapon is Sword + Shield or Two-Hand weapon. Of course, if you wanted to, you could use a staff as a 2 handed melee weapon, since it does almost as much DPS as a 2h sword, and then go a little more into the sorcery tree. What’s more, you have to keep switch weapons in Combat.