x Guide: Husbandry leveling with Beekeeping



This guide is for people who want to level Husbandry with Beekeeping. For this method of leveling to work, you’ll most likely be lagging behind other players in the first 4 days of farming, but once your hives get going, you’ll be able to spend all of your labor points on Husbandry every day, meaning you just might hit 50k before people who started before you.

I will assume you’ll have a lot of help, or that you get lucky in obtaining the materials needed to obtain the hives. I doubt anyone will be able to get 4 Hives on the first day of Launch. Also, in order to start you’ll need at least 1 large farm, and obtain your 2nd large farm by time you plant your 9th hive. Once you’re ready to plant your 17th Hive, you should have a Thatch house.

The ideal setup at 40k+ Husbandry is 16 Hives on 2 Large Farms, and 12 on a Thatched Farm house, totaling 28 Hives, this will leave you at 1440 Labor however, so if you’re able to use another person’s large farm, you can plant 32 hives total, but if you only have access to your own, you’ll have to make due.

Before we start, I want to show some values that are important for this guide.

10 Labor Points = 5 Minutes
1 Day = 2880 Labor Points
It takes 4 days for a Hive to fully mature.
4 Days= 11520 Labor Points

Hive costs to create:
– 20 Lumber
– 5 Aspen Hardwood
– 3 Acorn
– 1 Dawn Light lake essence
– Additionally, you’ll want 1 queen bee as well.

Queen Bee taming net:
– 20 Memory Ink
– 5 Leather
– 1 Pearl

Farm sizes and Thatch.

Small Farm: You can fit 10 Medium sized animals (goats, Sheep, pigs) in this farm. Sadly no hives can fit here.
Large Farm: 8 hives can fit here. You may also plant up to 8 medium sized animals
Thatch: 12 hives can go here, leaving no room for anything else.

Once you plant a hive, it will go through four stages:

Alluring Hive: 2 days in this stage
Moist Hive: 1 Day in this stage, 200 Labor to harvest
Sweet Hive: 1 Day in this stage, 400 Labor to harvest (bugged In alpha, shows 200)
Prosperous Hive: Fully Matured, 600 Labor to harvest

It’s worth noting that you should wait until the Hive fully matures to harvest from it. A prosperous hive will give you the maximum amount of honey, and the greatest chance at a Royal Jelly. I will give you the information on how many hives you should have during each level of Husbandry (e.g. 10k – 20k) to maximize the labor spending.

0-10k Husbandry:
At this stage, hives cost 600 Labor to harvest. That means you could technically achieve 19 hives per cycle (a cycle is 4 days). Best case, the amount of harvests in a cycle should be 4, 5, 5, 5, with 120 Labor left over. However, there are some problems that come along with this. First, if you’re just starting out, and you have a cap of 2,000 LP, then you’ll want to raise animals for butcher while you slowly increase you Labor cap. If you go this method, slowly add hives to your farms.

If you want to hop straight into beekeeping, then you’ll have to harvest hives multiple times a day. You can still go by the 4, 5, 5, 5 method, but instead of harvesting all hives in one shot, you’ll be harvesting 1 hive every couple of hours. The most optimal is every 5 hours, as you’ll get 600 labor in that time.

There is one notable thing. If you managed to keep up with your labor, and not sit a cap, then by the time your first hive is ready for harvest, you should already be above 10k Husbandry. Or very close to it. If you’re very close to 10k, try to get those last few points instead of harvesting a hive. You don’t want to harvest a hive if you’re sitting at 9800 proficiency, or you’ll waste 400 potential points. Try to get that last 200 points from other sources.

10-20k Husbandry:

Hives now cost 540 Labor per harvest. Meaning, you’re now able to harvest 21 hives per cycle of four days, with 180 Labor left over. I would recommend a cycle of 5, 5, 5, 6. By this time, you should have a max labor cap above 2880. That means you can now move from doing hives a few times a day, to doing them all in one shot. Just remember to keep an eye on your max level, since you don’t want to over spend and waste potential proficiency points.

20-30k Husbandry:

Hives now cost 480 LP to harvest. That means it’s now possible to harvest 24 hives a cycle, with no LP remaining after each cycle. This means you must be very careful not to spend labor, or else you won’t be able to harvest a hive. Once again, if you’re close to 30k, try to find other means of getting it if you’ll over extend, even at the cost of a hive.

30-40k Husbandry:
Hives now cost 420 LP to harvest. That means you’ll be able to Harvest 27 Hives during a 4 day Period, with 180 Labor left over. I would recommend a harvesting cycle of 6, 7, 7, 7. During this phase, I would recommend looking around for another large farm. Ask guild member, or look at the price of a 4th farm, because at 40k+ you’ll need it to maximize hive harvests.

40-50k Husbandry:

Congratulations, you are the maximum amount of hives, and you’re on the last stretch to 50k! This time, Hives only cost 360 per harvest! You can now have a total of 32 Hives! With that many hives, a cycle will leave you with 0 Labor. This means, you’ll want your cycle to be 8, 8, 8, 8. If you’re interested in making prosperous honey, it might be best to drop some hives from your rotation, in order to acquire some labor to make and harvest the honey larders.

I hope this guide helps some people who really like beekeeping, and plan on doing it on launch!

As far as money goes, I decided to do some math to figure out what you should be making. Since each harvest nets you quite a bit of gold, I wanted to see how much you should at least be making a day. For this, I decided to use 7 gold as a minimum, since I’ve never seen a harvest less than that.

4 Harvests/day * 7 gold = 28 gold/day or 112 gold/cycle
5 Harvests/day * 7 gold = 35 gold/day or 140 gold/cycle
6 Harvests/day * 7 gold = 42 gold/day or 168 gold/cycle
7 Harvests/day * 7 gold = 49 gold/day or 196 gold/cycle
8 Harvests/day * 7 gold = 56 gold/day or 224 gold/cycle

224 gold every four days is nothing to laugh at.

Beekeeping is a very good way of both making money and specializing in husbandry. It is very efficient to have 32 hives, as it enables you to spend all of your labor in beekeeping