x Aging Larders

During your exploration in ArcheAge you may have come across something like the picture below and wondered what the heck it was and what it does.
What you see in the picture above are Multi-Purpose Aging Larders. They are crafted at a Farmer’s Workstation and serve the purpose of aging materials over a period of a few days. After they have aged they can be converted in to trade packs.
In order to craft a Multi-Purpose Aging Larder you need a Farmer’s Workstation. If you don’t have one already, a Farmer’s Workstation is crafted at a carpentry workbench and requires a Scarecrow Garden Design, 30 Lumber and 1 Vicious Glossy Oil. This means giving up your small farm – just make sure you don’t craft it until you have your large scarecrow farm or else you won’t have any land to plant crops.
At your Farmer’s Workstation press F to open the crafting menu. Proceed to select Husbandry and then Husbandry Gear. From there you will see the Multi-Purpose Aging Larder and the materials needed to craft. The base cost of crafting a Multi-Purpose Aging Larder is 50 Labor but this is reduced with a higher Husbandry skill. Currently my Husbandry is 70,000 and it costs 39 Labor to craft a larder.
The required materials are:
  • Lumber – Obtained from chopping down trees
  • Stone Brick – Crafted from Raw Stone at a Stonemason’s Workbench
  • Iron Ingot – Crafted from Iron Ore at a Smelter
  • 6 Shatigon’s Blessing – Purchased from a Blue Salt Merchant or Farmer’s Workstation for 20 Vocation Badges each
To purchase the Shatigon’s Blessing from your Farmer’s Workstation you first need to close your crafting menu and press G or click on the Store icon.
Once you have crafted a Multi-Purpose Aging Larder and placed it on your farm you can choose between 3 sets of ingredients to put in to it. Please note that if you don’t insert ingredients within 2 minutes and 30 seconds the larder will disappear.
The 3 sets of ingredients are:
  • Aged Honey – 5 Honey and 5 Hay Bales
Honey is obtained from harvesting a bee hive. If this is a new concept for you then I highly recommend that you check out our guide to bee keeping! The hay bales are obtained from harvesting any grain-based crop such as rice or barley.
  • Aged Salve – 40 Cultivated Ginseng and 20 Olives
Cultivated Ginseng seeds can be purchased from a Seed Merchant. The Olives can be harvested from an Olive tree which can be purchased from a Sapling Merchant.
  • Aged Cheese – 30 Milk and 10 Lemons
You obtain milk from Thriving Cows. Once a cow is fully matured you can feed them Combined Feed which will change their status to thriving. This will allow you to milk them. Lemons are acquired from a Lemon tree which can be purchased from a Sapling Merchant.
Once you insert your chosen ingredients they will begin an aging process that takes 3 days to complete. Of the three sets of ingredients I personally favor the Aged Cheese because I find those particular materials much easier to gather. If you have a Cow Pen you can farm both Milk and Fresh Fertilizer at the same time. This can be used to craft Eco-Friendly Fuel which can be used on boats or farm wagons. The Lemons are easily obtained by planting some Lemon trees on your farm.
Of the three sets of ingredients I think the Aged Salve is the least efficient. Cultivated Ginseng is very expensive, costing 20 silver per seed, and they take 1 day and 10 hours to grow so it just isn’t worth it. They will eat your money and take up space on your farm for too long. Aged Honey fits in the middle of the spectrum. It can be a lot of effort to craft an acorn beehive but once done it is a continuous supply of honey.
The short answer is that you don’t have to use them. They are an alternative means for crafting trade packs.
Once the 3 day aging process has completed you can approach the Multi-Purpose Aging Larder and harvest its contents, at a cost of 60 Labor, which is automatically converted to a trade pack which is placed on your back.  These packs can be sold to vendors just like a normal trade pack but they typically sell for a higher price because it takes longer to craft and the percentages is generally always at 130% because so few people craft those packs.
This method of crafting trade packs will not suit everyone. They are great for people who don’t have farming as a primary focus in their game play because once planted you don’t have to do anything for 3 days. This allows you to accumulate labor points that can be used for crafting or opening coin purses. It also saves you time that can better spent doing activities with your guild or friends.
You can fit up to 8 Multi-Purpose Aging Larders on a large farm. I have mine located in Gweonid Forest and the resulting packs sell for up to 18 gold each in Sanddeep. With one large farm that is approximately ~150 gold every 3 days, including the 5% gold merchant interest. If you have an alt with a second large farm then that amount is doubled so you can earn approximately 600 gold per week with very little effort on your part. This means that if you really want to then you could do this on all 4 characters on a server and generate up to 1,200 gold per week from delivering packs.
This is particularly great if you happen to be a person who doesn’t get to play often because you just need to plant them down and you don’t need to check them again for 3 days but you still need to farm the lumber, ore and stone to craft them but that should be easy because of the labor you save by having the larders in the first place. I hope you have enjoyed this guide on Multi Purpose Aging Larders. Please feel free to press the share buttons below to share it with friends!