x Aqua Farms

Today I want to talk about aqua farms because the materials that can be harvested from them are required for a few professions and I was surprised to learn that quite a few people didn’t even know they existed. Now that the alpha has settled there is not much to earn from them anymore because players are more aware of how to get them but at launch their value will rise once again due to the materials required for crafting.
Personally I don’t have much use for the aqua farm except for the occasional crafting need, otherwise I feel like it is a drain on labor points. Alchemy is one of the professions that requires corals and pearls but if you have no interest in alchemy or similar professions that require aqua farm materials then it won’t be very useful to you right now, especially since the auction house prices have dropped significantly since the alpha launch.
Since the whole idea of an aqua farm is that it is under water I feel the need to inform you that you can right click the aqua farm to breathe through an air bubble because there may be an occasion when you die due to drowning, which totally didn’t happen to me.
Even though you may not earn a lot of money from your aqua farm it’s just an amazing contribution to your crafting because there are quite a few recipes that require corals, seaweed, pearls etc.
Bamboo trap (Handicraft): You can use 10 Bamboo Stalks and 1 Lumber to craft a trap that can captureStarfishCrayfish and more rare fish if you are lucky. There is a chance that the traps can be damaged so you will need extra bamboo to repair them.
Sapling Merchant:
  • Red Coral Reef
  • Green Coral Reef
  • Yellow Plate Coral Reef
  • Orange Plate Coral Reef
  • Antler Coral Reef
  • Pearl Oyster
  • White Coral Rock
  • Blue Coral Rock
There are two types of aqua farms:
  • The Aqua farm Design (20 Gilda Star, 16×16 meters) comes with a central air supply
  • Breezy Bungalow Design (300 Gilda Stars, 24×24 meters) You do your farming under the house but it comes without a central air supply
The Breezy Bungalow Marine house has more advantages than the standard aqua farm, the primary one being taxes. In ArcheAge you get charged more in tax for each property you own. So by having a house and an aqua farm in one property you will be saving money on taxes compared to having just a regular aqua farm and a separate house.
You can find the aqua farm down to the right as you enter Mirage Isle, by the Submarines at the beach. The Marine Houses can be found nearby. They are the straw houses next to the ships at the dock.
There are designated places for aqua farms in the game, an example is off the shore of Two Crowns near the city of Ezna. There are markers on map to show where you can place them. There are a lot of really nice places for them so you just need to head out and explore. The Marine House also has its own designated places, personally I have seen some nice places by Villanelle and Solzreed Peninsula.
Personally I would invest in the Breezy Bungalow Marine house because it gives a house and a larger aqua farm so you save money on taxes. It also has larger space for planting more aqua saplings but there is quite a difference between 20 Gilda Stars and 300 Gilda Stars so the Marine House will likely be an end game replacement for your aqua farm.