x Houses and Farms

As a companion to the Exploring ArcheAge livestream series, we’d also like to introduce ArcheAge Feature Guides that dive into the topics covered on the livestream in higher detail. In this week’s Feature Guide, we take a closer look at the ins and outs of the land ownership and housing system, including how land is claimed, how farms and houses can be used, and how it’s kept.

Player Housing and Farms
In ArcheAge, players have the opportunity to actually own property located out in the game world. Houses and farms are not instanced, meaning they are visible to anyone passing by; they have a real location, like “across the road from Windshade Village” or “on the south coast of Villanelle”. Choosing where to live involves weighing your access to conveniences, climates, pleasing environments, and availability of land. Keep reading to hear what you can expect out of land ownership in the game.
Types of Property
There are two sizes of farm: 8×8 meters and 16×16 meters. These come from a set of farming quests offered very early in the game by the Blue Salt Brotherhood.
Once placed, farms have a single step of construction where you provide wood for the scarecrow in the center. This step is an important one! When a farm is first placed, the land is claimed by your character, but anyone can still plant or harvest from it. Building the scarecrow is what allows you to lock the farm’s access to you.
A more advanced type of farm is the Aquafarm. This is a 16×16 farm that can only be placed underwater in specified areas, usually near the coastline. Aquafarms have a central air supply rather than a scarecrow, which allows you to refill your breath and stay underwater longer. This type of farm allows for the cultivation of corals, kelps, and shells that you can’t otherwise grow.
Houses come in a variety of pre-made designs that fit into the following categories:
• Small: 16×16 meters
• Farmhouse: 24×24 meters (a small house on a medium plot of land)
• Medium: 24×24 meters
• Large: 28×28 meters
• Mansion: 44×44 meters
These dimensions refer to the actual footprint of land around the house, which is protected and can be used to grow plants and livestock just like a farm. The house sitting in that footprint may have more or less interior space, even within the same size category!
Houses are bought as deeds on Mirage Isle where one can take a tour through life-sized demo houses for each layout, see mini models of the different color and material options available for each type of house, and see deed details like the amount and type of resources needed to actually build the house once placed.
Claiming Land, aka Placing Property
The act of claiming a piece of land is often referred to as “placing” a house or farm.
Throughout all of the lands of ArcheAge, there are designated areas where housing and farms can be placed. These housing areas may have restrictions on the size or type of property that can go there, such as only small farms or only medium or larger homes, aka Luxury Housing. You’ll see some of these indicated by icons on the map, but just as many are unmarked, to be found by enterprising explorers.