Gliders are your means of travel in ArcheAge. They allow you to cover large distances in a relatively short amount of time and can be useful in skipping over monsters or obstructions such as walls or mountains. Convenience aside, gliders are also among the best looking items in the game. There are so many and each has their own unique look. Some are easy to obtain while others are much more difficult and rare.
It is important to note that gliders are not fully fledged flying mounts that you can use to stay up in the air indefinitely. As you move forward you are gradually descending, the rate of decent depends on the quality of the glider. Better gliders can move faster and stay aloft longer than low grade gliders. You are also vulnerable to your environment as you glide. If you are gliding along and one side of your glider hits a tree it will remove you from your glider and you will fall to the ground. Your glider uses the same slot on your character as a trade pack so you are unable to glide while carrying a trade pack. Gliders have a duration of 3 minutes. After 3 minutes your glider will pack up and you will fall to the ground. Keep an eye on the timer, it appears under your buffs.
Gliders stats are measured by four attributes and each attribute can be low, moderate, high or very high. This can be seen by looking at the tooltip on the glider.
glider tooltip
  • Flight Speed – The speed at which you are moving forward
  • Gliding Ability – How slowly you descend as you glide
  • Turning Speed – How sharply your glider can make a turn
  • Initial Speed – Your starting speed. Some gliders can start slow and pick up speed or vice versa.
  • Special Skill - Displays what, if any, special skill the glider possesses
The special skill for the Glass Phoenix glider shown above is Somersault. This allows you to spin the glider one rotation to either the left or right. It’s useful for avoiding obstacles such as trees or walls. There are other special skills available such as teleportation but these gliders are difficult to obtain – they can be rare drops or dropped from a boss such as the Kraken.
If you purchased an ArcheAge Founder’s pack then this part is easy. You just need to open your mailbox and you will receive your founder’s items which include a glider. The type of glider depends on what type of founder’s pack you purchased. If you purchased a Silver pack then you will receive the Experimental gliderand if you purchased a Gold or Archeum pack then you will receive the Glass Phoenix glider.
If you are not a founder then you will receive your glider from questing. You will get an Experimental Gliderearly on through questing but it is low grade and therefore doesn’t have great stats.
Experimental Glider
If you continue to quest then you will get an improved glider at a higher level with better stats but if you don’t want to wait for that or indeed if you don’t even want to wait for your first glider then you have the option to craft it.
The first glider you can craft is the Experimental Glider and you require the following materials:
  • Experimental Glider Design
  • Lumber
  • 3 Leather
  • Fabric
  • Iron Ingot
These materials are easily obtainable, even at a low level. The Experimental Glider Design can be purchased from Mirage Isle for 5 silver. Just go to the left as you enter and you will find the gliders on display.
The Lumber can be obtained from chopping down trees. You can either grow them yourself or find them out in the wild by exploring. You only need 5 Lumber, which is 15 Logs, which you can easily get from chopping down 2 large trees in the world. The 3 Leather can be obtained from a Turkey. Just place 2 Turkey’s down on your farm, or on a public ranch that allows you to place Turkey Chicks if you don’t have a farm, and when they are grown up, feed them to change their status to thriving and then butcher them for the pelt. Take the pelt to a leatherworking bench and craft it in to leather.
The fastest way to get the small amount of fabric needed is to plant Cotton Seeds, but you may find some out in the wild. They take less than 3 hours to grow and you need 30 Cotton to make the 3 Fabric at the Weaving Loom. Plant 4-5 Cotton Seeds and you should have enough. Iron Ingots are probably the easiest material to acquire. Just explore the world and mine any Iron Veins you come across. Take the Iron Ore to a Smelter and craft Iron Ingots. You can purchase all of these materials from the auction house to if you have gold to spend.
When you have all of the materials you need to visit a Carpentry Workbench and select the Machining proficiency. Select Gliders and you now craft the Experimental Glider. This is how it looks.
Experimental Glider Pic
Now that you have your first glider you can actually upgrade it very easily. You just need the designs to do it and, as before, these can be purchased from Mirage Isle. The upgrades are also done at the Carpentry Workbench in the Machining proficiency, just select the glider you want to craft. Remember to unequip your glider to upgrade it. Keep in mind that you need the previous glider to craft the next tier glider. Here are the available upgrades to the Experimental Glider. Mouse over the name to see the stats.
  • Improved Glider - 25 Silver. Has the Glider Nitro ability to launch you up in to the air and forward.
Improved Glider Pic
  • Enhanced Glider – 50 Silver. In addition to Glider Nitro it also has Glider Barrage which fires missiles forward dealing damage to affected targets.
Enhanced Glider Pic
  • Ultimate Glider – 1 Gold. In addition to Glider Nitro and Glider Barrage, the Ultimate Glider has Air Raid which deals deals damage to targets directly below you.
Ultimate Glider Pic
On the in-game store you can purchase Glider Customizations. These do not impact the performance of your glider, they are purely cosmetic and allow you to change the appearance of your glider. Be aware that Glider Customizations are a one time use. They are consumed when you use them so choose carefully. Don’t apply a Glider Customization to an Experimental Glider and then upgrade it to an Improved Glider because you willlose the appearance.
Currently there are 4 Glider Customizations available on the store and they cost 800 credits each.
  • Glider Customization: Flames
  • Glider Customization: Spring Breeze
  • Glider Customization: Silver Shadow
  • Glider Customization: Blue Rainbow
To customize your glider you first need to purchase the appearance you wish to apply to your glider. For this example I will be using the Silver Shadow.
Silver Shadow
To change the appearance you need an item called Fusion Alembic. At the moment this appears to only be available on the in-game store at a cost of 45 Credits and you require 15 Fusion Alembic to be able to fuse the appearance of your Glider Customization to your glider. This is a  cost of 675 Credits to purchase all 15Fusion Alembic. Once you have acquired enough you need to visit a Blacksmith. Approach the Blacksmith and press H to open the Fuse Stats Interface.
Once there, drag the glider you use in to the Stat Item window and your Glider Customization in to the Image Item window like so:
Once you have done this, click Change to complete the item fusion. This is the result of my item fusion. Click to enlarge.
I hope you enjoyed this guide to gliders. Please feel free to share it on social media by making use of the buttons below. Thank you for reading!