x Trading Goods (Packs) [Guide]

Hi all. In this thread we’ll speak about trading goods (Packs) in ArcheAge. How to transport them, where we can deliver them and all whats I know about them. So lets start.

How to make trading goods (Pack).

To make trading pack, first of all you’ll need 1 merchant certificate (50 silver coins) and resources (that depends from pack, all available goods (Packs) for craft you can see in craft book(button O in game) and open section Commerce.
When you bought 1 merchant certificate and got enough resources you’ll need to find workshop of regional goods. (To find them you’ll need to open map (button M in game) and put tick on Important Objects -> Workshops in Region

After that go to workshop of regional goods and craft your pack.

Goods (Pack) transporting.

Regional goods you can deliver using any transport. Also you can drop your goods when you want:
1. On ground, but there is a chance that someone will take your goods
2. On protected ground (scarecrows, farms, houses). In this situation only you can pick it or depending on that, who is allowed to use your property. But there is also 6 day limit, If you don’t pick them in 6 days, goods will disappear.
3. In boxes, which you can find on merchant schooner (20), galleon(4) and tractor(4). In that case pick them can only party members.

Goods you can’t drop:
1. On foreign property, if you don’t have permission to use that ground.
2. In or On buildings (Houses, harbors, farms and other).
3. On deck of ship.
4. On sea or its bottom. (Only if someone kill you or destroy your ship, you got 6 days to pick goods)

Delivering goods (Packs).

You can deliver them only to special NPC of two kinds – Gilda stars and Buying goods, which you can find on map, pressing Merchants -> Gilda stars or Buying goods. Same as before with workshops.

On west continent you can deliver them in following locations:
Solzreed Peninsula
Gweonid Forest
Two Crowns
Cinderstone Moor

On east continent you can deliver them in following locations:
Sollis Headlands
Falcorth Plains
Arcus Iris

And of course you can deliver them in Liberty Island.

There is also a little problem with gold, you recive it only after 22h, but with 5 % gain. Gilda stars right away.

Where is best place to sell / change them on gold, Gilda stars?

There are few answers on this question:
1. Freedom Island (best place to sold them, but we’ve got few problems and first one is PIRATES AND A BOTTLE OF RUM!!!, Freedom Island is located in non stooping war zone, that means that anyone can kill you with that goods (pack))
2. Deliver it on your continent. (looks like fastest and safest way)
3. Deliver it on foreign continent. (Why we need to do that if we got 2nd option?)

Answer on this question is quite problematic, and it depends on location where you made this pack, route of delivery and war-economic situation in delivery region. Uniquely I can say you only few things:
1. Than longest is route from place of making pack to place of delivery, than more profit you’ll get.
2. Than more same packs will be delivered in this place, than less profit you’ll get.

To understand goods profitable, you need to read sheet below . In this table you can see goods prices for gold on both continents and Liberty Island. Delivering packs for gold instead of Gilda starts can be justified, but not too effective for your team.

West continent goods

East continent goods

Green color – Maximal price on your continent
Orange color – Maximal price on foreign continent
Blue color – price on Freedom island, if price is bigger than in other locations

Goods price in gold is equivalently to goods price in Gilda stars and after delivering few goods you’ll easily transfer standard prices for stars with given bonus. For example:
1. You calculated most expensive price for your goods, waited when in this region starts peace and when you got there you see that there already few merchant schooner selling their goods, in result you gain for pack 2-3 Gilda (with base selling for 6)
2. One more example is with Pounded Turmeric. When CBT will start, after 2-3 h price for PT will be 90 silver or 1 Gilda stars(base selling price is 1,8 g and 2 Gilda stars) and will continues few days, bonus for delivering is 50 %, because too many players delivered the same goods.

That means you need to choose location to deliver goods with stable economic and war situation. You need to closely watch map and analyse situation, whats happens in this moment. Also test your option on practice, before sending large convoys of ships. And we don’t need to forgot about logistic, choosing right paths on ground and see in long transportation.

If we’ll analyse those 2 sheets, we can easily see difference between West and East continents:

– If we’ll closely look on geographic configuration of West continent, we’ll see that almost all continent is connected to dirigible system and separated with short sea routes. This situation leads to a problem that elves and nuians is forced to deliver their goods on Liberty Island or on Ynystere in peace time, closing path to deliver goods on their continent.
– For East Continent delivering goods on Liberty Island is not so profitable (as West continent). How we can see delivering goods on our East continent is much more profitable(exception is central regions) than West side.
– Easy to observe that important factor is goods making location, it means, that you need farm or scarecrow on goods making place. Since you’ll need to secure your trading goods or you’ll just lose time to making them and giving to your team mates.

Little secret how to deliver goods on enemy territory =]

You’ll for sure say that is too dangerous and you can’t do that, because sometimes you can’t even deliver your Banana wine for Scarecrow Quest and that this plan is SUICIDE and bla bla bla bla. So lets make one little trick:

1. Make 2nd character on opposite continent. Raise your lvl to 20. Complete quests on little scarecrow and donkey, after that just exchange packs. =]
2. Make with both characters trading goods on West and East continent.
3. With your main character(witch got pack) arrive at exchange place, somewhere where no body will be near.
4. Now bring your 2nd character with trading goods to same place, drop trading goods, now re log fast and pick 2nd character pack and drop yours.
5. Again relog and pick pack with 2nd character. That means that main and 2nd character exchanged packs from different continents.
6. Your main character pack change on Gilda stars, but 2nd character trading pack change on gold and send it on your main character with mail help.

With this little trick in week you can easily collect 50 Gilda stars and 100+ gold, delivering 1 pack in day and loosing smth about 20-30 min.