x Trade Run Guide for Beginners

ArcheAge trading is very interesting trade in the game, crafting regional specialty items, transporting them to other regions, and selling them to NPC’s to earn more archeage gold or Gilda Star.
Your fist trade run quest will be get and very easy when you up to LV10, and the trading NPC located somewhere near the crafting or farming tutorial person, such you are the Firran race, the NPC in question is Trading Guide Sahel in the Anvilton area of the Tigerspine Mountains. Now, there is simple trade run explanation to teach you how to trading.
Trade Run Quests
There are many trade run quests on western continent Nuia and eastern continent Haranya.
ArcheAge Trade Run Quests
West – Nuia
Trade Run: Solzreed to Gweonid Forest
Trade Run: Gweonid Forest to Grescent Throne (Donkey Quest)
Trade Run: Lilyut to Marianople
Trade Run: Dewstone to Austera
East – Haranya
Trade Run: Arcum Iris to Falcorth
Trade Run: Falcorth to Widesleeves
Trade Run: Tigerspine to Austera
Trade Run: Mahadevi to Solzreed
The Details about these trade run quests, check ArcheAge Wiki in here you need know more, and the trade run: Gweonid to Grescent is also the Donkey quest, last you can receive a donkey reward to grow it yourself. You need Bucket of Water and 1 Vita Root to feed it. Water you will get from the well in the middle of public farm and also you have to buy Vita Seed from Seed Merchant nearby and plant it for 30 seconds to get Vita Root. Give water and feed Vita Root to your Donkey and it will grow almost instantly. Note, if you do not do that your Donkey may die in 6 hours.

Trade Run
Specialty Workbench with the blue color in the middle of the machine next to the Crafting Merchant and Seed Merchant you can found. First you have to prepare materials (Quality Certificate item bought from a General Merchant) in your inventory to create specialty trade packs. Such as the specialty Flacorth Plains Apple Tart can only be created in falcorth plains zone.
ArcheAge Specialty Workbench
After crafting a specialty, you are saddled with a large backpack, the pack will automatically removes your glider and equips to that slot. You can not to run or use a glider, the pack slows you down immensely, but can ride a mount, such as Donkey, to make transporting packs much easier. Of course, you can also set the trade pack down anywhere in the world, but be aware that other players can pick it up as easily as you can!
Then open the Trade Info to find the place you want to sold your specialty for high profit. The vocation button (the sickle) at the bottom is what you pressed to bring up the mini-menu with the 3 options click Trade Info in that menu to bring up the full Trade Info panel. This trade info panel to see the efficiency of delivering your pack to which place to earn high profit, the highest is 130%, and the min profit is 70%.
ArcheAge Trade Info
Make sure the delivery place, you must choose a transportation, such as the Airships, mounts, portals, ships / boats if you need delivery on sail. Once you are in the delivery zone, you can check the map and select “Gold Trader” or “Gilda Star Trader” to highlight the destination on your map, found and time to turn this pack in. Press F and know that you do not receive archeage gold until several hours later and it comes in the mail. After trade run completed, do not forget reequip your glider.
NoteIf you have to delivery on sail with your ship / boat for trading, please be careful other players rob your boat. Such as the popular trade delivery place Two Crowns zone, there are often a dozen players squatting here to kill or rob your goods, below places are very easy to be robbed you need know. The 3 green points are jump ship points, and the 3 red points are ship / boat points. If you want to trade run Two Crowns, please bypassed these locations. And you also need note, some players will do some mischief to let you can not delivery, such as put their boat stuck in the stairs, so you can not go ashore.
ArcheAge Two Crowns Ship Places

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